Hà Nội to inspect violations of plots and ground sales

October 13, 2022 - 08:49
Hà Nội authorities have requested the Department of Natural Resources and Environment strictly handle the bulldozing of hills and mountains and levelling of ponds, rivers and streams to sell land.
Hà Nội authorities want to prevent the destruction of land to increase its resale value.— Photo vov.vn

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội authorities have requested the Department of Natural Resources and Environment strictly handle the bulldozing of hills and mountains and levelling of ponds, rivers and streams to sell land.

The city also called for investigations into construction on unregulated agricultural land and a review of projects that have not yet or are slow to put land to use.

Hà Nội also told the department to check if local project investors gave buyers ownership certificates for houses and other assets against the implementation of land use plans, or changed land use purposes for rice cultivation in the city.

The department was also assigned to inspect possible violations in the separation of parcels, plots, and ground sales that disrupt the planning, affect the real estate market, land price determination, and the implementation of the auction of land use rights in the area.

The city requested a comprehensive inspection of land areas originating from agriculture and forestry schools handed over to localities for management that still have difficulties and problems in land allocation, land lease, issuance of land use rights certificates, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land; aggregate proposed reporting authority considers regulatory treatment.

Regarding the registration and issuance of certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land, the Hà Nội City People's Committee requested the department to arrange and rationally arrange the receipt of dossiers of administrative procedures for people; do not let overload prolong the time of receiving and resolving documents give rise to negatives.

At the same time, the department needed reviewing and advising on amending and abolishing unreasonable procedures, prolonging the implementation time, and causing trouble for people and businesses when carrying out land transactions.

In addition, the city said: "It is necessary to correct the registration and issuance of certificates, review and make full statistics on outstanding cases where land has not been registered, or certificates have not been issued; at the same time clarify the causes and have specific plans and measures to solve these cases definitively."

The City People's Committee also requested the construction of the land database be urgently completed, with resources focussed on ensuring the completion of national land databases and information systems and providing online public services to shorten the time to carry out administrative procedures.

In addition, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment shall assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with the Department of Finance and the City Tax Department in advising the City People's Committee to ensure that at least 10 per cent of the total revenue from land use and land rent are set aside annually for cadastral mapping measurements and land registration, issuance of certificates, construction of land databases and operation of land information systems.

Meanwhile, an individual who divided plots and advertised land for sale illegally was fined VNĐ45 million.

According to local media, although the project land in Đồng Xoài City, Bình Phước Province, has not been licensed, an individual has drawn a map of the subdivision, advertised and sold the ground on a land area of ​​​​nearly 95,000sq.m on social networks.

As advertised, the entire land area, with a total area of ​​nearly 9.5 hectares, has been divided into 39 small plots and one large plot, and all have been granted land use rights certificates.

However, through research, the local government discovered that although the land had not been licensed for construction, the landowner drew a map of the plot by himself, then advertised and sold it on social media.

The land, about 3km from National Highway 14, has been subdivided according to the concrete road of the village with a road surface of 3m wide following the planned 26km road along the banks of the Bé River in Phước Hòa Irrigation Lake. Each lot has an area of ​​1,000-1,500m2. In addition, the land also has internal roads under construction.

The man was fined VNĐ45 million on October 10. — VNS