Vinhomes to officially launch The Miami subdivision in Hanoi's west

July 20, 2021 - 16:06
Vinhomes, JSC, on July 20th, 2021, announced the official launch of The Miami subdivision in Vinhomes Smart City (Tay Mo, Hanoi).

Vinhomes, JSC, on July 20th, 2021, announced the official launch of The Miami subdivision in Vinhomes Smart City (Tay Mo, Hanoi). Fully upgraded and renamed in line with the previous The Grand Sapphire subdivision, The Miami is newly designed and built in the typical style of an "American resort". The subdivision promises to offer its residents a high-class resort experience and to become an attractive investment opportunity in the West of Hanoi.

The Miami has a prime location for both internal and external connections.

The Miami is currently the apartment subdivision with the best value in Vinhomes Smart City. Its prime location at Le Trong Tan Street enables quick connectivity with the surrounding area. Furthermore, being adjacent to Anh Sang Overpass, residents can easily get access to the great amenities of the project. In particular, The Miami is located in the middle of the golden triangle of three ongoing Metro Lines No. 5, 6 and 7 with two adjacent stops that help to increase connectivity and provide the potential for sharp price increases in the future.

Inspired by life in the resort city of Miami (USA), The Miami subdivision owns a network of landscaped gardens and amenities laid out like a green tropical resort. The subdivision has an outdoor swimming pool of over 1,000m2 with American palm trees and Miami's signature dates in addition to the largest internal part of the project.

The Miami's green and healthy” space in an "American-style"

The Miami's "tropical paradise" includes water gardens with a special landscape as its highlight and multi-purpose lawns arranged throughout the subdivision. Moreover, it has a BBQ area which is designed as a venue for warm and vibrant parties.

The outdoor swimming pool of over 1,000 square meters wide dotted with American palm trees and shady dates in The Miami area

The modern and healthy lifestyle from the coastal city of Miami is also reproduced by Vinhomes in The Miami subdivision with nine sports courts for volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton. The above court system combined with an outdoor gym is a physical training space in the middle of fresh and green areas for residents of The Miami.

A system of adjacent sports courts for a healthy and active life to The Miami residents

The Miami subdivision offers apartment buildings ranging from Studio apartments, single bedroom+1 apartments, two bedroom+1 apartments, and 3-bedroom apartments with flexible areas from 25m2 to 95m2.

After an upgrade, the handover standards of The Miami apartments are also superior with many real highlights: wooden floors for all apartments, glass shower walls and a modern reception hall.

The map clearly shows the golden location of The Miami subdivision at the gateway of Vinhomes Smart City, next to the arterial road of Le Trong Tan.

As a part of Vinhomes Smart City, The Miami also fully inherits four major utilities from Vingroup including: Vincom, Vinmec, Vinschool and Vinhomes in addition to three integrated parks covering an area of 16.3 hectares, including Central Park - a green paradise of 10.2 hectares with a large central lake of 4.8 hectares, and Sportia Sports Park – a sports paradise with a system of exercise machines with more than 1,000 functions and Southeast Asia’s leading Japanese Zen Park.

A prime location, superior upgraded products, and the "American resort" style are all highlights that make The Miami subdivision the most attractive product in the West of Hanoi's real estate market in 2021.