New initiative opens the front door to the digital economy

December 02, 2022 - 12:22
RMIT University has launched Digital3 – a new approach to business education, linking industry and research to address the ways of working in the rapidly growing digital economy.

Digital3 (D3) aims to upskill learners through impactful professional development, equipping them with new skills and real world solutions to confidently participate in the digital economy.

Speakers from RMIT and Binance at the Digital3 event in Ho Chi Minh City on 29 November 2022.

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The new initiative brings together the knowledge from RMIT’s world-leading research centres who are experts in Web3 – a “supercluster” of digital technologies that includes blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality among others.

Working closely together with industry, the Digital3 team will address the current and anticipated needs of business in the digital economy through education, research and partnerships.

According to the  World Economic Forum, an estimated 70% of new value created over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platform business models as the global economy rapidly digitalises.

Meanwhile the “e-Conomy SEA 2022” report produced by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company stated that Southeast Asia's digital economy is set to hit US$200 billion in gross merchandise value in 2022 and on course to reach US$600 billion-1 trillion by 2030. Vietnam is said to post the fastest double-digit growth in this space.

RMIT Digital3 Director, Professor Frank Kennedy said Digital3 is the front door to resources and the world of the digital economy.  

“At its core Digital3 provides a simple way to work with a multi-disciplinary group of experts in a collaborative, innovative educational environment,” he said.

“With its strong links Digital3 will be able to quickly bring new skills and thinking into industry, assist partners to advance their business or policy outcomes, and support students to quickly gain the in-demand skills for the future of business."

RMIT Digital3 Director, Professor Frank Kennedy delivers his opening remarks at the Digital3 event in Hanoi on 1 December 2022.

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Digital3 was launched in Australia in late October 2022. By introducing this initiative now in Vietnam, RMIT wants to become a forerunner leading the space connecting industry, education and research in Vietnam’s emerging digital economy.

RMIT Pro Vice-Chancellor Vietnam Professor Claire Macken said: “Digital3 will be an integral part of executing RMIT’s new Knowledge with Action strategy in Vietnam.

“We are part of the communities that we serve. So this new initiative will be a way for us to help raise the in-country capabilities for the digital economy, which businesses and policy makers alike recognise as the way forward for Vietnam.”

Experts joined a panel discussion at the Digital3 event in Ho Chi Minh City to offer a 360-degree view on digital economy issues.

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Digital3 research and short courses

Central to Digital3 are RMIT’s leading research centres: the Blockchain Innovation Hub, Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, Business and Human Rights Centre, Enterprise AI and Data Analytics Hub, Centre for People, Organisation and Work, and the Centre of Digital Excellence.

A range of Digital3 short courses are being developed, focused on the topics of business and Web3, security and advancing social impact through digital technologies.  

The first course, Doing Business in Web3, is currently available for free through FutureLearn with a continuous start date so anyone can join and start learning at any time.

With a duration of six weeks, the online course curates the knowledge needed to build business models in Web3. It takes participants through a carefully crafted journey covering diverse topics including strategy, governance, law, token economics and scaling.

More Digital3 short courses will be available in 2023, Register to receive updates here.

More information about Digital3 research and partnerships is available available here.