Lollypop opens the first UX Lab in Vietnam, aiming to develop in the APAC market

November 30, 2022 - 09:20
After more than two years of launching in Viet Nam, Lollypop Design Studio has gradually built up a team of talented UI/UX designers and recorded certain achievements. On November 2, Lollypop officially opened the first UX Lab in Viet Nam, marking another milestone for their development in the Southeast Asian market.

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Lollypop - Bringing sustainable design solutions to the Asia Pacific Region

Lollypop, owned by Terralogic Co., Ltd., is a leading UI/UX design agency with 14 branches in USA, India, UAE and Viet Nam. So far, Lollypop has 300+ happy customers, 2,400+ successfully delivered projects in many fields such as Fintech, Healthcare and Logistics. Their designs have not only won hearts and users, but have also won several global awards, including Best Design Agency 2018 or DNA Paris Design Winner for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022.

As a top-notch global brand, Lollypop has its own long-term growth strategy. One of the company's primary markets is APAC, which not only has 60 per cent of the world's population but is also a rapidly rising digital market. According to Mr. Renil Komitla, CEO of Terralogic, at the Grand Opening Ceremony, the Lollypop team is planning to open new offices in 2023, not just in Viet Nam, but in other APAC regions, including Singapore, Korea and Japan.

In an effort to drive design-specialised solutions to clients, Lollypop emphasises the importance of addressing cultural characteristics in their designs. This can only be accomplished by extensive market and people study. Lollypop's goal is to bring their ideas to life through scalable, sustainable and futuristic design solutions.

Bringing "Design-first thinking" into action

At the opening event, Renil also said that: “It is completely the new age of Digital transformation and what we are trying to do is bring the concept "Design-first thinking" into action. When I start meeting people from parts of Southeast Asia, this whole Design concept is really new. With this concept, I look forward to building a talented team here, which is ready to support other teams in Singapore, Korea and Japan. Ultimately, I expect that if someone thinks of rebranding themselves, they will think of Lollypop as their first choice.”

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"Design-first thinking" was first mentioned by John E. Arnold in his study about "Creative Engineering". Until now, this concept is widely popular in the world of business and has been applied in the teaching program of Stanford University since 2005. In general, the ideology behind "Design-first thinking" aims at innovative solutions, which requires practitioners to adopt a designer’s mindset and approach problems from the user's perspective. Successful practices of Design-first thinking allow us to tackle “wicked” problems, which are unable to be solved by using standard methods and approaches.

A brand-new UX Lab for disruptive and innovative ideas

The new Lollypop's UX Lab is located in the MG Building at 1/12 Hoang Viet, Ward 4, Tan Binh District with a total size of around 1,000 m2. This is an open space with a lot of plants, with the goal of creating a creative, refreshing, yet still warm environment.

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This is an ideal working place, giving inspiration for designers to come up with innovative ideas and create disruptive solutions for clients. Lollypop - dedicated UI/UX design agency in Viet Nam, offering design services for clients in Southeast Asia and everywhere around the globe.