February 29, 2024 - 08:00
To supply macadamia seedlings/ Tender code: 91179430

1. Background

As a federally owned enterprise, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of internatio-nal cooperation for sustainable development. On behalf of the German Government, GIZ provides advisory services to the Vietnamese Government in four priority areas: (1) Vocational training, (2) Environmental, (3) Energy, and (4) Sustainable Economic Development. For further information, please visit

The “Strengthening the resilience of poor population groups to climate change in selected ASEAN states, taking special account of the impact of COVID-19 in Cambodia and Viet Nam” (CRAS) pro-ject commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, works with Cambodia and Vietnam. The project was developed based on defined core causes that the low level of resilience of the target group to climate change can be seen in their lack of knowledge of sustainable cultivation and production methods and in the lack of cooperation between small farmers and companies that purchase and process their produce with a view to achieving climate-resilient cropping methods. CRAS in Vietnam is being implemented in two pro-vinces in the Northwest region, namely Son La and Dien Bien in collaboration with the Department of Crop Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) with the focus on Ara-bica coffee value chain.

Within CRAS project, about 3.000 coffee small holders have provided technical assistance on cli-mate resilient and sustainable farming practices in which intercropping especially with Macadamia in the Northwest region has been highly recommended as a dual – benefited method. On the one hand, macadamia creates shades for coffee trees and makes them more resilient to extreme events such as hoarfrost and rime. Besides they act as a windbreak, create shade, help the coffee garden reduce weeds, increase coffee humidity, and contribute to increased coffee productivity. On the other hand, they generate additional income for small holders beside the key crop.

With such context and in combination with facilitating coffee farmers to apply the trained knowledge and skills of intercropping trees in coffee gardens. CRAS project will purchase 16,500 macadamia trees and then deliver them to coffee farmers in Dien Bien and Son La provinces.

For these reasons, GIZ Hanoi Office as the contracting party is conducting a local negotiated tender with competitive tendering on “Provision of 16,500 macadamia seedlings” for GIZ in Vietnam CRAS project

The equipment shall be delivered as follows :

• Place of delivery: 9,500 seedlings to Son La Provincial Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection; 7,000 seedlings to Dien Bien Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

• Delivery time: Please indicate your shortest delivery time after order placement

• Payment: Payment after receipt of goods (negotiable) against (1) VAT Invoice and (2) Delive-ry note and Confirmation of receipt of goods

2. Requirements for bidding documents

Bidding documents are submitted in 01 exemplar in English and 01 in Vietnamese, with same validi-ty. Please refer to the Local bidding conditions for detailed requirements about the bidding docu-ments to be prepared and submitted. Bidder is pleased to pay high attention on this document.

3. Method of bid submission

The complete tender dossier is to be sent only by email to We re-quest you to submit the eligibility documents, technical proposal and price quotation in 3 separate files in pdf format (either in 1 email or 3 separate emails) with email subject or file name as fol-lows:

91179430 - Eligibility Documents - Company name

91179430 - Technical Offer - Company name

91179430 - Price Quotation - Company name

For data protection and information security reason, in case the total size of your documents is be-low 10 MB, you can attach them directly in the email sent to us. In case the total size of your do-cuments is above 10 MB, the files must be sent via GIZ filetransfer system. We will provide the guidance on how to use filetransfer to interested suppliers. Bidders are required to record the password on filestransfer and send the correct ones to GIZ. Wrong passwords could lead to bidding failure.

4. Deadlines

• Interested bidders can contact GIZ (before 20/03/2024) via email to to receive a complete tender dossier, including:

1    Local bidding conditions

2a  General Purchase Conditions (GPC)

2b  GIZ Code of conduct for Contractors (CoC)

2c  GIZ Code of conduct for Contractors on anti-sexual harassment (CoCASH)

3    Technical specifications

4    Eligibility Assessment Grid (EAG)

5    Form of Technical bid

6    Technical Assessment Grid (TAG)

7    Quotation specimen

8    Prohibitions for awarding or continuing contracts with persons, entities or bodies from Russia (Text A full)

9    Regulation on consequences for Bidders/contractors when providing falsified infor-mation (RBC)

10   Guidance on sending files via GIZ filetransfer

11   Data Privacy Statement regarding storage and use of personal data by GIZ

12   Declaration of consent by individual/ expert of contractor regarding storage and use of personal data by GIZ (need be printed-out, signed and sent back to GIZ)

NOTE: Related annexes of tender package 2a, 2b, 2c, 8, 9, 10,11, 12 are available on the internet under web-links:

• For questions about the tender, please send to the email before 22/03/2024.

Bidder shall send the complete bidding documents by email to by 5:00 p.m on 27/03/2024 (Hanoi time).

5. Notes

• Sending documents to wrong email address will lead to disqualification of the supplier.

• Files sent via other applications/systems such as google drive, dropbox etc. will not be ac-cepted.

• Bids sending after the deadline will be disqualified.

When submitting bidding documents for this tender, the bidder declares that she/he has read, understood, accepted and agreed with all information and conditions listed in the provided tender dossier.

GIZ is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of all submitted documents by bidder(s) during the tender process!