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No skin off your teeth

Update: June, 20/2017 - 09:00

This story might set your teeth on edge, but rest assured, it has a toothless ending.

They do not follow the tradition of the tooth fairy, but over the years, Vietnamese parents have come up several ways of removing their children’s milk teeth when they get shaky. One of them is to wrap a string to the tooth and tie the other end around a door handle. One kicks the door shot, and voila, the tooth is out.

When simply pulling the tooth out or kicking the door did not work, a father in the northern province of Ninh Bình came up with a teeth dropping (or jaw dropping, take your pick) idea. He decided to his motorbike do the taking.

We are not sure how the son or other members of the family agreed to this experiment, but the father proceeded to tie one end of a string to his son’s tooth and the other end to his motorbike.

 A micro-second after he started the engine and shifted into first gear, the tooth was extracted.

Just in case you think someone is lying through their teeth, there is a video clip of this event that has collected more than 100,000 views. Who knows, it might help a budding dentist cut his teeth. — VNS




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