More bureaucratic meaninglessness

May 23, 2017 - 09:00

Here’s some comedy for you:

Phạm Văn Thiều, head of the Bạc Liêu Province’s Party Committee’s Organisation Commission, signed an official dispatch March 22 asking for reports of any change or promotion for positions in party committees in the province.

According to the official dispatch, the reports should be submitted to him before reaching Standing Party Committees in the province for final decision.

Thiều told that the dispatch was issued so that he and lower agencies could discuss more about human resource management. In addition, any proposal on positions in party committees should be prepared well before being submitted to Standing Party Committees.

However, the public has voiced concern that Thiều signed an official dispatch that “empowered” himself to do the job of lower agencies.

Last Friday, vice secretary of Bạc Liêu Province Party Committee Lê Thị Ái Nam signed a document deactivating Thiều’s official dispatch.

Hilarious! — VNS