300-year-old temple on Phú Quốc protects fishermen

December, 27/2019 - 11:45
The 300-year-old Dinh Cậu Temple on Kiên Giang Province’s Phú Quốc Island is a place for fishermen to pray for a smooth voyage.


Surrounding the 300-year-old Dinh Cậu Temple on Phú Quốc Island are the "Turtle Head Tiger Tail" Rocks.  VNA/VNS Photo

HCM CITY — The 300-year-old Dinh Cậu Temple on Kiên Giang Province’s Phú Quốc Island is a place for fishermen to pray for a smooth voyage.

Perched on an odd-shaped formation of rocks overlooking the ocean, located 200 metres west of Dương Đông Town, the temple is the most visited shrine on Phú Quốc, Việt Nam’s largest island.

According to historical annals, the temple was built in 1937 and underwent restoration in 1997. To reach the sacred site, pilgrims must first ascend 29 winding stone steps.

The shrine is built on sanctified soil offering protection from disasters at sea.

Dinh Cậu Temple, apart from its spiritual renown, also boasts spectacular sunsets and calm and clear water, as well as a night market ideal for shopping and dining, and experiencing the unique Phú Quốc culture. — VNS