Mo So, an amazing and ancient cave in Hà Tiên

December 30, 2022 - 08:21
Mo So means white stone. That is the name the Khmer people called the interconnected caves, with many nooks in the mountain, its walls are limestone.
Mo So Cave attracts visitors because of its mysteriousness. — Photo

Lâm Giang

Hà Tiên City has a mysterious cave, like a miniature Phong Nha, in the Mekong Delta called Mo So Cave.

The cave is located in Ba Núi Hamlet, Bình An Commune, 27km southwest of Hà Tiên City, Kiên Giang Province. It is a cluster of limestone mountains; the highest is Bãi Voi Mountain at 148m while Mo So is only 31m high.

Mo So means white stone. That is the name the Khmer people called the interconnected caves, with many nooks in the mountain, its walls are limestone.

Stalactites in the cave. — Photo

According to scientific and geological researchers, the caves here were formed by erosion millions of years ago when this land was still more than 2m below sea level. Water lines still stain the rock, creating caves and holes with strange and mysterious shapes.

The cave’s heart is shiny and spacious. The corridor is deep, and we seemed to be lost in a strange world.

The road to the cave. — Photo

The cave also has many stalactites of many different shapes. The deeper we went, the more caves we saw. Standing in the middle of a big cave, I raised my head to look, but the vast space of the cave swallowed the glimmer of light from the flashlight on our head, as if we were looking at the starless night sky. Sometimes a few bats passed under the cool light of the cave.

Beautiful and unique cube-shaped stalactites hang overhead, making the cave more magical. The space is almost quiet, only once in a while we could hear the wind whistling through the ravine, creating a constant sound that we could hear clearly.

Walking through the deep corridors, we seemed to be lost in a strange world. There, on the steep cliffs, there are many stalactites, and every nook still had traces of a time gone by, like shells clinging to the cave walls.

Mo So, the only limestone cave in the south. — Photo

The cave also has a unique valley about 700s.qm with airy space.

We explored Mo So Cave and this time also went with the Khmer people to hold a festival to celebrate the abundant rice season. The song’s lyrics combined with the flickering fire broke the quiet atmosphere in the cave.

Following the caves, the guide also showed us the smooth underground flows from the mouth of this cave to the mouth of the next. The more we went through the cave, the more interested we were in the caves that looked like baskets.

With more than 100m left, the air was cool and wet. On both sides, many fancy shapes created by stalactites make us pay attention and looked like large boats, Buddha image and large hands.

During the anti-American resistance war, thanks to a system of interconnected caves creating many mysterious nooks and crannies, Mo So became the base of the army and people of Kiên Giang.

According to the locals living here, in March and April, hundreds of red-crowned cranes fly back here to find food and mates. It is not difficult for visitors to enjoy the wonderful dances of the cranes.

Mo So is not only the connection point between famous landmarks of Kiên Giang such as Chồng Island, Phụ Tử Island and Hà Tiên City, but also an attractive eco-tourism destination.

Tourists visit Mo So Cave. — Photo

The mysteriousness here not only leaves many unforgettable emotions with visitors, but also contains many mysteries for those who love to explore. VNS