steamed layer cake

Southern cakes a part of tradition

Sweet and savoury cake recipes in southern Việt Nam have evolved over decades to conform to changing lifestyles.  Now, in a bid to build their brands and earn more income, cake artisans plan to sell their goods abroad. Ngọc Diệp reports. 

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Tastes of Đà Lạt night market

The Centran Highlands city of Đà Lạt has many things to offer tourists, including breathtaking views, a cool climate, and a bustling night market in the heart of the city.

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Bánh giầy cakes, ancient symbols of gratitude

Flat white cakes (bánh giầy) wrapped neatly in green leaves from either dong or bananas, are often served on special occasions such as New Year or weddings. The best bánh giầy is said to be found in Quán Gánh Village, about 15 kilometres from central Hà Nội. Villagers now deliver their specialty all over the country where it is served up in restaurants, parties or used as a quick breakfast.