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Autonomy will improve hospitals' operations: health official

Nguyễn Viết Tiến, deputy health minister, talks to Tuổi trẻ cuối tuần (Youth Weekend edition) about the concerns raised over a two-year pilot programme that would grant full autonomy to the four largest public hospitals in the country – Bạch Mai, Việt Nam-Germany, K (in Hà Nội) and Chợ Rẫy Hospital (in HCM City).

Time to lend a hand

Liverpool Football Club are about to sign the kit deal of all kit deals which by all accounts will be the most lucrative ever signed by a Premier League club.


Trash hurts cash:  Environmental issues threaten economy

Stepping out of their doors into the scorching heat last week, Hanoians choked on the foul smell of piles of trash left on the streets. The usual destination for Hà Nội’s rubbish, Nam Sơn Waste Treatment Complex, had been blocked by local residents, preventing garbage trucks from entering the site.


The 'count' of bamboo straws

The name Nguyễn Văn Mão, or Mão Mèo (Cat), is quite well known in the national start-up community. Harbouring a passion for bamboo flutes since he was a senior at college in 2012, Mão now earns VNĐ25–30 million (US$1,000–1,300) per month from selling his instruments.


Experience is key, not an extra qualification

Regulations must be adjusted to make teaching qualification a flexible criterion depending on each educational level and major. Only when the law is put into the right place and the requirements are applied in relevant majors, will the legislation be brought into effect.

Great work by VNA to bring news agencies together: AAP editor

Việt Nam News reporter Lê Hương interviews Tony Gillies, editor in chief of Australian Associated Press, on the sidelines of the 44th meeting of the executive members of the Organisation of Asia Pacific News Agency hosted by the Vietnam News Agency in Hà Nội on April 19.