coral reefs

Islands to eliminate plastic waste

The Chàm Islands’ Marine Protected Area (MPA) management board, in co-operation with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), has launched a new garbage sorting programme as part of efforts to reduce plastic waste in Việt Nam.

Joyful reunions across the sea

Instead of ferrying soldiers across the sea, Ship No 571 is filled with hundreds of mothers, fathers and wives to visit their relatives, who are soldiers on duty on the archipelago.

Chàm Islands officials resist plan to send tourist boats from Đà Nẵng

The Chàm Islands off the coast of Hội An have since 2015 limited the number of tourists permitted to 3,000 per day to protect the vulnerable world biosphere reserve site from being overrun by boats and waste, but the area is in crisis despite these efforts. Leaders of the protected area have expressed reluctance to allow in more boats, but officials from neighbouring Đà Nẵng say they will go ahead with a plan to add a new route to the islands.

Food and friendship draw foreign visitors

ASEAN has applied various strategies to boost tourism. The unique cultures and diverse models of eco-tourism, recreational activities and travel options have made the region a top choice for tourists all over the world. Lê Hương reports.


The four Bình islands, paradise on earth

Nha Trang is gearing up for the 2019 National Touridm Year themed "Nha Trang — Colour of the Sea". Bùi Quỳnh Hoa shares her trip to Tứ Bình, four wild and amazing islands (including Bình Ba, Bình Hưng, Bình Tiên and Bình Lập) in the southern central province of Khánh Hòa.


Rescue team save lives of marine species

With a shared love of the sea, the six-member SaSa team has built up a network of marine species rescue centres from Đà Nẵng to Quảng Ngãi to protect endangered ocean creatures like turtles, dolphins, sharks and whales. Hoài Nam reports.