Unforgettable memories of National Day

September 01, 2022 - 08:35
This year marks the 77th anniversary of National Day, and despite the passing of time, many veterans and local people cannot help but recall the day's feelings.
Streets in Hà Nội are all brilliant in the red colour of the flags, banners, slogans and posters to celebrate the National Day (September 2). — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Quyết

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President Hồ Chí Minh read the Proclamation of Independence, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Việt Nam, a State of the people, by the people and for the people, at the historic Ba Đình Square in Hà Nội on September 2, 1945.

Since then, when Autumn arrives every year, it is time for Vietnamese people in the country and around the world to commemorate the National Day with unforgettable memories.

This year marks the 77th anniversary of National Day, and despite the passing of time, many veterans and local people cannot help but recall the day's feelings.

For the past 77 years, many have been keeping intact the memories of the first Independence Day, and the younger generations born in peace have heard stories from their forefathers. Each has its own memory, but all share the same patriotic sentiments.

For veteran Lưu Đức Cơi, 84, from the northern port city of Hải Phòng, National Day was not only the day he greeted the national victory of freedom, but the day his family was reunited after years of separation.

Cơi was just a 7-year-old boy when the first National Day celebration took place in 1945, but he still remembers the atmosphere overwhelming the whole country.

"All of our family members were standing in our house listening through the radio to the speech by President Hồ, and after he finished, we all burst out in tears. At that time, I just felt something good and serious happening, but years later, I understood it was the tears of happiness, victory and freedom," said Cơi.

The veteran, who used to serve as a driver soldier for the Trường Sơn Regiment during the resistant war against the Americans, said for the past 77 years, every year since he experienced the first National Day celebration, he felt a roller coaster of emotions, even now when the country has been through peaceful times and changed so much.

Cơi said that although he was too old to work to contribute to the development of the country, he has been trying to help younger generations in his localities in Lê Chân District, Hải Phòng City, including those in his family, to know and understand the past glories of the country.

"Along with the national celebration, I always tell my grandchildren, again and again, stories about my hard but proud time in the wars of resistance, sacrifices and victories, particularly my first feeling of September 2. I am really happy that every time I speak about that, the children are very interested," Cơi said. "That makes me, a very old man, feel valuable, so I will try to live longer."

People in the capital city of Hà Nội wearing uniforms with the national flag often gather by Hoàn Kiếm Lake to organise activities marking the National Day. VNA/VNS Photo

Speaking about her feeling about National Day coming, Hoàng Thùy Trang, 24, a university graduate in Hà Nội, said she and all of the younger generations were born in peace, so they only know the history through school lessons, research and stories of relatives.

"I always feel anxious and emotional with pride near the National Day since I have learnt the meaning of victory and heard historical stories about the hard time the country went through," she said.

"I know the happy and peaceful life we are enjoying right now was all due to the contributions of my grandfather and grandmother's generation, who sacrificed so much."

Trang said she also felt lucky to live in peace, to have chances to study and follow her dream.

"However, to have such moments," she said the young "absolutely must not forget, must not be ignorant of the past, about the poor but strong people with rudimentary weapons, mainly sticks and spears, to rise to the call of the Việt Minh (the League for Independence of Việt Nam) to overthrow French colonialism and local feudalism, taking Việt Nam from a slave country under harsh foreign domination to the world map as a free and independent country".

"So many ups and downs have been witnessed since that memorable day, yet in the hearts of all Vietnamese, National Day remains a valuable memory."

Along with pride and respect, the young Hanoian feel excited when recalling her annual experience during August and September, the national celebration of the August Revolution (August 19) and National Day (September 2).

"The city shines brightly at night with decorative flowers and stars everywhere. Red flags with golden stars can be seen fluttering across the façades of houses and buildings during the day. The symbolic act of putting up the Vietnamese flag is a declaration of national unification," Trang said.

Fireworks have become part of the celebration, as well as the military parade and the people's rally at Ba Đình Square in front of President Hồ Chí Minh Mausoleum. Every five years, boat races are also held on Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

The iconic photo of President Hồ speaking into the microphone is etched into the people's memory.

Việt Nam's National Day is an opportunity for both the young and old to remember the victory and values the nation is always working to build upon. From that, their beliefs will lead them into the future. — VNS