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Finally, I caved in

Update: April, 23/2020 - 07:11


GOD: Anyone who doesn’t agree that Diego Maradona is the greatest ever footballer to play the game, is lying. — AFP/VNA Photo.

Paul Kennedy

I tend to avoid the things other people follow.

Since social distancing became part of our daily lives, more and more of these so-called ‘just for fun’ posts started appearing on my Facebook feed.

You know the ones I’m talking about. They tend to go like this:

Day 1: I was given the task to choose 10 vinyl era albums that greatly influenced my taste in music. One album per day, 10 consecutive days. No explanations, no reviews, just album covers. Every day I ask someone else to do the same.

After the challenge is completed, you will often find hot on its heels:

I just finished my TOP TEN albums, so let’s move on to movies! Day 2: Tell me what your favourite movies of all time are, simply post an image of your films and nominate someone to do the same.

Now while I don’t particularly want to sound like a miserable old stick-in-the-mud, I’ve just not really got the time, patience or inclination to commit to these 10-day challenges.

And for the record, I never poured a bucket of ice water over myself, when that was the in-thing to do.

Also with the greatest respect to the likes of Matt Yarnall in Essex, England and Dennis Nderitu in Nairobi, Kenya, the fact that your taste in music was greatly influenced by Atomic Kitten’s 2003 LP Ladies Night and the David Hasselhoff’s classic album from 1991, simply titled David, I actually couldn’t give two hoots.

That said, I found myself checking my phone one morning this week to discover the very message I didn’t want to wake up to.

“You have been tagged in a post.”

My heart sank. What was it going to be? Post a photo of yourself playing golf to show the world how much you miss playing golf? Thankfully not. Post a photo of yourself aged 18 to show the world you used to look like a dick? Again, praise the Lord, no.

Instead, I was challenged by Denis Rowe, a Dubliner living in the Cayman Islands, to fill in the following then ruin the lives of 10 friends by making them do it too.

Being the rebel I’ve always dreamed of being, instead of accepting the challenge on social media then insisting a bunch of friends do the same, I’ve decided to answer the questions here. It is after all, about football. So here goes:

My favourite club: Liverpool.

Favourite player: John Barnes. Whenever he got the ball, he made things happen.

Favourite current player: Virgil van Dijk. When he signed he made all the difference.

Favourite manager: Jurgen Klopp. Although I’ve always had a soft spot for Ian Holloway because he says mad things.

Favourite player I’d like to see back at my team: Luis Suarez.

Favourite player I’d like to sell: None of them, because they wouldn’t be my favourites if I wanted to sell them.

Favourite memory being at the match: Liverpool beating Chelsea in the 2005 Champions League semi-final. And you know what Jose? You’re right, the ball didn’t cross the line.

Favourite cult hero: Igor Biscan. No explanation needed.

Favourite goal: Ronnie Whelan, 1983 Milk Cup final. I still remember the commentary. “Whelan, and again, Whelan’s curled it. Brilliant goal.”

Best player ever: Diego Maradona.

Favourite World Cup: Italia 90.

So there you have it. I caved in, kinda, and broke my golden rule of not following everyone else. Ah well, it is only for fun I suppose.

Now, where can I find a bucket of iced water? — VNS





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