Thành defends titles in weightlifting but misses record

May 13, 2023 - 21:39
A world-level athlete, reigning champion Thành came to Phnom Penh to set up new heights in the men's 55kg class. He is the record holder of clean and jerk at 148kg and total at 268kg set last Games.


Weightlifter Lại Gia Thành wins the men's 55kg category title in the 32nd SEA Games on May 13. VNA/VNS Photos

HÀ NỘI — Weightlifer Thành won a gold medal, but he was not happy as he missed a chance to set up a new record at the 32nd SEA Games on May 13 in Cambodia.

A world-level athlete, reigning champion Thành came to Phnom Penh to set up new heights in the men's 55kg class. He is the record holder of clean and jerk at 148kg and total at 268kg set last Games.

He met no difficulty in leading the snatch category with 121kg. He began the clean and jerk a lift of 140kg. After his attempt, one of the judges did not recognise it as a successful lift.

A complaint from Vietnamese team officials was not accepted. Thành had to do it again, wasting one of three attempts in total.

"I believe that my elbows were not straight as required, so the lift was denied," said Thành. "It strongly affected my opportunity to set a new record. I lost an attempt and faced a mental challenge,"

The 2019 World Cup champion succeeded in his second lift. He increased the weight to 149kg, intending to set a record but failed.

"I was tired after the second lift, leading to a failure in the third. I am not happy with this result because I have practised hard but could not reach my target," he said.

With a total of 261kg, Thành bagged the first weightlifting gold for Việt Nam.

In boxing, Vietnamese athletes secured two golds at the Chroy Changvar Convention Centre.

Hà Thị Linh of Việt Nam (left) takes gold in the women's 63kg boxing.

Bùi Phước Tùng knocked out Thai Aitichai Phoemchap in the men's 71kg class. Hà Thị Linh beat Filipino Riza Legaspi Pasuit 5-0 in the women's 63kg.

The team still have boxer Nguyễn Mạnh Cường to compete in the men's 90kg final on May 14. His rival is naturalised Rajapov Abdulla of the hosts. He just earned a silver from the Asian U22 Championship in January.

In billiards, Lê Thị Ngọc Huệ won gold in the women's 1-cushion carom single after beating Phùng Kiện Tường 50-17 in an all-Vietnamese final. 

Vietnamese Lại Lý Huynh (right) secures men's Chinese chess individual standard title.

In Chinese chess, Lại Lý Huynh pocketed eight points to win the men's individual standard title. His teammate Nguyễn Thành Bảo took bronze with seven points.

On the women's side, Lê Thị Kim Loan had a silver with seven points.

In the traditional boat race,  Việt Nam won one gold in the women's three crew 250m and one silver in the men's 12 crew 250m.

In judo, Tạ Đức Huy and Nguyễn Cường Thịnh championed the men's Kime No Kata (performance of self-defence) event. Nguyễn Bảo Ngọc and Trần Lê Phương Nga took silver in the Ju No Kata (performance of yielding or gentleness).

The teenager-golfers of Việt Nam won a silver in the men's team event, losing 2-1 to Thailand in the final match.

"I was pleased with a silver but also regretted a little because we had the chance to win," said Lê Khánh Hưng, who won the individual title on May 10.

"Thailand are stronger than us. They are at a higher level," said the 15-year-old. "My teammates and I tried our best. I am proud of my teammates and hope that we will be in the team to compete in the next Games and will have better results."

Lý Hoàng Nam takes a berth in the men's tennis final.

In tennis, defending champion advanced to the final after beating Cambodian Kenny Bun 6-4, 7-6. He will play Fitriadi of Indonesia to secure his third SEA Games gold.

In the late events of the day, finswimmers won five golds and set up three new records.

Nguyễn Trần San San wins and set a new record in the women's 400m surface.

Nguyễn Trần San San won and set a new record of 3min 25.05sec in the women's 400m surface.

Kim Anh Kiệt took gold and set a new record of 3min 06.71sec in the men's 400m surface.

And the women's 4x100m team won a gold and made a record of 2:43.56.

Other winners were Vũ Đặng Nhật Nam in the men's 200m bi fins and the men's 4x100m team.

They also secured two silver and one bronze. VNS