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Facebook a top video platform for Vietnamese consumers

Update: June, 24/2021 - 13:41
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HÀ NỘI — Up to 97 per cent of Vietnamese users identified Facebook as a top video platform while 74 per cent said they watch publisher videos because “I can watch videos on Facebook everywhere, at any time”.

The new findings were released on June 23 at the virtual event, called “Facebook Video Summit 2021”, that shared interesting findings on video consumption in Việt Nam in the new normal as well as recommendations for brands and businesses to grab better insights into user behaviours.

The survey conducted by the data analysis company WARC across 10 markets worldwide, revealed that online video consumption quadrupled during COVID-19, doubling the company’s forecasted figure before the outbreak. Consumers spend around four hours per day watching online videos, 75 per cent reported maintaining these viewing levels afterward, particularly men.

The survey found that short videos (less than 3 minutes) are most consumed in Việt Nam. On average per day, Vietnamese consumers watch short videos (less than 3 minutes) 2.1 times, medium-length videos (from 3-10 minutes) 1.7 times, and long videos (more than 10 minutes) 1.5 times.

Preference of length, however, varies throughout the day: 58 per cent prefer medium-length videos in the morning; 51 per cent prefer short videos at noon while 55 per cent prefer medium-length videos in the evening.

Facebook is leading in short and medium-length videos. 87 per cent of viewers choose Facebook to watch short and medium-length videos. Content relevancy to personal hobbies and user behaviours on the social network is the key motivator for watching a video, according to WARC.

Vietnamese users are ready to engage with brands while watching videos. Facebook video is differentiated as interactive, real-time, and shareable. Consumers admit that Facebook video is 1.3 times easier to interact with, 75 per cent of consumers watch the videos that are shared, liked, or commented on by their family or friends on Facebook.

Recommendations for businesses

On the occasion, Facebook also shared three important recommendations which help brands and small and medium-sized businesses in Việt Nam to optimise their investments in video content on the platform.

First, advertisers must highlight the brand’s key messages, creating a strong personal connection with Facebook Video’s In-stream Ads, since this is the solution for a high view-through rate, up to 76 per cent in Việt Nam.

Second, advertisers should focus on the quality of branded content on Facebook, since two-thirds of surveyed users said that they believe in branded content.

Third, it is necessary to create meaningful connections with consumers through interactive advertisements, since 89 per cent of Vietnamese users say that social networks help them engage more and better with businesses.

According to WARC, from 2013 to 2020, time spent using social media has increased by over 40 per cent. More than 70 per cent of the total population use the internet. Among them, about 95 per cent of users consume videos every month. About 68 per cent of users watch videos at least once per day. On average, Vietnamese video consumers spend more than an hour for each watching session on the social network. — VNS

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