HCM City adjusts school enrollment plan due to pandemic

June 09, 2021 - 07:54

Many districts in HCM City are adjusting  the enrollment period, simplifying procedures, and increasing the use of technology for the upcoming academic year.


Students and a teacher at Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai School in Gò Vấp District at a class in mid April. Photo courtesy of sggp.org.vn

HCM CTIY - Many districts in HCM City are adjusting  the enrollment period, simplifying procedures, and increasing the use of technology for the upcoming academic year.

Head of Education and Training Department of Gò Vấp District Nguyễn Thanh Thuỷ told Sài Gòn Giải Phóng (Liberated Sài Gòn) newspaper that the district’s school enrollment plan is expected to be adjusted in the next few days, depending on the epidemic situation. 

Parents are advised to bring original paperwork when submitting their children’s admission documents. Admission officers will then store images of these documents and return them.

In Tân Bình District, the head of Education and Training Department, Trần Khắc Duy, said that primary schools are responsible for handing over student records to secondary schools within the same division.

From June 21 to 4pm on June 25, parents will register for online enrollment on the website of the district’s Department of Education and Training.

For first grade enrollment, Tân Bình District announced its plan in the beginning of May. Between June 15 and 20, all schools are required to work with the ward People’s Committee and inform students and their parents of important dates.

The ward People’s Committee between June 29 and 30 is expected to send letters to families with children entering the first grade.

From July 1 to 8, parents can register online at the portal of the Department of Education and Training. The list of students entering the first grade will be announced by primary schools on July 31. 

Huy added that after the social distancing period ends on June 15, the district will consider adjusting the enrollment time, depending on the current situation.

"June is usually the time when all wards in Tân Phú District review relocation of new and old residents. But due to the influence of the epidemic, this task is unnecessary this time,” deputy head of Tân Phú District Department of Education and Training, Trần Trọng Khiêm, said.

In District 3, head of Education and Training Department Phạm Đăng Khoa said that educational institutions in the district will strengthen epidemic measures such as having parents coming to school at different times and implementing regulations on safe distancing.

Online registration

In Tân Phú District, the 2021 - 2022 school year is the second consecutive academic year that schools are allowing online registration.

After reviewing the list of 5-year-old kindergarten children and 6-year-old children preparing to enter the first grade, the ward will send notices and help parents submit necessary documents.

Previously, parents directly went to schools to submit the application. But now they can do it at the ward office.

After July 1, the ward will hand over all documents to educational institutions according to the division plan of the district enrollment steering committee. 

At the same time, the ward People’s Committee will provide parents with 5 or 6-year-old children with an admission letter, together with a link and barcode for easier online registration. 

Based on the enrollment registration list, the educational institution will allocate classes and publicly post the class list on the first day of school.

Parents do not need to visit schools for registration or other tasks. If parents have difficulties with online registration, they can contact their locality for support. - VNS