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Key solutions to promote pre-school education

Update: February, 22/2021 - 09:34


Head of the Ministry of Education and Training’s Pre-school Education Department Nguyễn Bá Minh. Photo giaoduc.net.vn

Head of the Ministry of Education and Training’s Pre-school Education Department Nguyễn Bá Minh talks to Giáo dục Việt Nam (Việt Nam Education) e-magazine about plans to develop the sector

What are you most satisfied with after 10 years of implementing the plan on pre-school education universalisation, five years implementing the programme on building kindergartens with a child-centred approach and implementing Government Decree 105 that specifies policies for preschool education development?

There are the impacts of the results gained through the implementation of these plans and programmes. Pre-school education has had a basic foundation to develop and fulfil its mission as the first education level to lay a foundation for the comprehensive development of Vietnamese people and to care for, nurture and educate preschool children.

The universalisation of pre-school education for five-year-old children has been completed. What were the basic achievements?

After ten years of implementing the plan to universalise preschool education for five-year-old children, pre-school education has had a new face with six basic achievements.

Firstly, the awareness of parents, people, managers and the whole society about pre-school education has changed. Pre-school education has gradually got more attention from society and had a more important position in people’s thoughts and actions.

Secondly, we have built legal documents to create a basic legal foundation for the development of pre-school education.

Thirdly, the network of pre-school facilities has been developed in line with the conditions of each locality, meeting the demand for taking care of and educating children.

Fourthly, the pre-school education programme has been renewed, helping improve the quality of caring for, nurturing and educating children.

Fifthly, facilities and classrooms have been invested in to ensure conditions for the implementation of the pre-school education programme.

Last, managing staff and teachers have developed in terms of both quantity and quality.

What are the key measures to comprehensively renew the pre-school education sector?

I think it is necessary to pay attention to three key solutions.  

First of all, we must renew the pre-school education programme to keep up with world progress on pre-school education and link with the general education programme.

Next is managing and teaching staff to meet the demand of renewing the pre-school education programme, not only paying attention to developing the capacity of teachers but also having good policies and mechanisms to encourage teachers.

Finally, it is important to increase investment for pre-school education in disadvantaged areas and have mechanisms and policies to promote private pre-school education in advantaged areas, as well as promote the role of families and community to improve pre-school education quality.

What message do you want to send to pre-school teachers on the occasion of the Lunar New Year?

Pre-school teachers have a glorious mission. They not only care for and educate children but also lay the foundation for the development of a child. They directly carry out the role of the first education level in the national education system to lay a foundation for the comprehensive development of Vietnamese people.

Pre-school teachers play a vital role in educating future generations of the country.

To carry out their role and mission, pre-school staff have spared no efforts to improve their professional capacity and overcome difficulties to contribute to the development of the pre-school education sector.

Although the Party and State have paid great attention to pre-school teaching staff, related mechanism and policies failed to match their job's characteristics. Their incomes remain low while they face huge work pressure.

In his direction for the comprehensive renovation of education and training, the Minister of Education and Training will propose the Government offer policies to help pre-school teachers have higher income in the future with better working conditions to encourage them to contribute more to the development of the pre-school education sector. — VNS

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