Green lifestyle built by soldiers’ wives

September 26, 2020 - 08:42

A women's union in Đà Nẵng has become a second home for the wives of 110 soldiers, who are building a green lifestyle for each family by growing clean, green fruit and vegetables.


Members of Chơn Tam 1A6 Women's Union, Đà Nẵng City, harvest vegetables for lunch. — VNA/VNS Photo

ĐÀ NẴNG — A women's union in Đà Nẵng has become a second home for the wives of 110 soldiers, who are building a green lifestyle for each family by growing clean, green fruit and vegetables.

From early in the morning, laughter can be heard across the vegetable garden at Chơn Tam 1A6 Women's Union in Hòa Khánh Nam Ward, Liên Chiểu District, where a group of women are cultivating, fertilising, watering and harvesting vegetables for daily consumption.

The 400sq.m garden used to be a waste dump before it was reclaimed by the union.

Nguyễn Thị Nhung, 36, said she has built a green lifestyle for her family, whilst cutting a handful of vegetables and an aubergine to take home for lunch.

She also teaches her children how to save electricity and water at home, limit the use of plastic bags, sort household waste, and use organic waste to make compost for their ornamental plants and vegetables.

Besides the housework and caring for two children, Nhung still repairs clothes at home to earn an extra income.

When the Women's Union in Hòa Khánh Nam Ward called on people to make bags from old plastic sheets, Nhung did not hesitate to volunteer.

She made 500 bags of varying sizes from used canvas and advertising banners, and distributed them among local women to help save money, recycle waste and protect the environment.

She also regularly tells her children about the harmful effects of plastic bags and littering. "Actually, reducing plastic waste is not that difficult, we just need to be conscious of our actions,” she said.

"My children know how to classify inorganic and organic waste, reduce plastic waste, and sometimes when I forget, the children will remind me. My husband is also very supportive and always encourages me to protect the environment and participate in social work with the Women's Union.”

Nhung's family won third prize at the 2018 Family Competition for Environmental Protection in Đà Nẵng.

In 2020, she was the youngest woman ever to represent the Women's Union of Đà Nẵng at the 4th Việt Nam Women's Union Patriotic Emulation Congress.

“That was the motivation for me to continue maintaining and developing a green lifestyle for my small family.”

Soldiers’ wives club

With the nickname “soldiers’ wives club", members of Chơn Tâm 1A6 Women's Union are "teammates", supporting and helping each other in daily life.

Chairwoman Trần Thị Ân said: “Many members moved to Đà Nẵng with their husbands, so they didn't have jobs. We established a garment group to create jobs for about 40 members. They learn by themselves, share their skills and look for clients.”  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has provided free face masks to thousands of workers and people in difficult circumstances.

Members consciously build a "green" lifestyle in each family. Every morning, they clean the yard, exercise, take care of the collective vegetable garden, and then go home to cook lunch for their families.

From VNĐ30 million (US$1,300) raised from the sale of scrap, the union has presented 160 gifts to poor woman, scholarships to children and handmade plastic baskets to local people.

It was selected to represent the Women's Union of Liên Chiểu District to compete in the "Environment Protection - Recycled Fashion Show 2019".

Lê Thị Mỹ Hạnh, chief of Đà Nẵng's Women's Union, praised Chơn Tam 1A6 for its outstanding and effective ideas to build a "green" lifestyle. — VNS