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People celebrate Kitchen Gods’ Day, officially welcome Tết

Update: February, 08/2018 - 12:00

A woman releases live carps at West Lake, Hà Nội - VNS Photo Trương Vị
Viet Nam News

People across the country celebrated the Kitchen Gods’ Day on Thursday (23th day of the last month of the Lunar New Year).

This officially marks the start of the traditional Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) holiday. 

On this day, a farewell ceremony is arranged for the Kitchen Gods, the three guardians of the family’s kitchen, as they visit heaven to report about the family’s activities throughout the year.

As the legend goes, the Kitchen Gods are believed to be two male deities and one female, who bless the household with happiness. 

On this day, people cook or buy many delicacies to offer to the gods, clean and decorate the family’s altar with flowers and fruits and burn paper clothes and paper carps for use by the gods on their journey to heaven. It is also a tradition to release live carps in rivers and lakes as a means of transport for the gods and also as a sign of good deed to invite good luck. 

According to legend, the Kitchen Gods will ride on carps to heaven on the 23rd day of the last month of the Lunar New Year. - VNS Photo Trương Vị
A trader sells live carps in Trung Tự Market in Hà Nội. The average price of carps being sold in markets in Hà Nội is VNĐ15,000 for a carp. - VNS Photo Trương Vị

Volunteers dressed as Kitchen Gods collect garbage from Thiền Quang Lake in Hà Nội. - VNS Photo Trương Vị
Volunteers hold banners asking people not to throw plastic bags in West Lake while releasing carps. - VNS Photo Trương Vị
A trader carries sets of Kitchen Gods’ paper clothing, including hats, robes and boots, in Hàng Mã street. People burn the paper clothing for the gods to use on their journey to heaven. - VNA/VNS Photo
People buy flowers to decorate the altar at home. - VNS Photo Trương Vị
In the north of the country, xôi gấc (sticky rice made with gấc fruit) is a popular delicacy to offer to the gods as its red colour is considered to bring good luck. - VNS Photo Trương Vị



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