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Drivers use small roads to avoid tolls

Update: January, 09/2017 - 17:15
Trucks and cars enter road in Phù Đồng Commune to avoid toll station on Hà Nội- Bắc Giang Expressway. — Photo
Viet Nam News

BẮC NINH — Some provincial roads in northern Bắc Ninh Province are being overused as drivers prefer using them instead of the Hà Nội-Bắc Giang Expressway to avoid the toll station.

Cars and trucks usually run on part of the Hà Nội-Bắc Giang Expressway and then turn into Phù Đổng Road in Phù Đổng Commune in Hà Nội’s Gia Lâm District.

They go along a dyke leading to Chạc Bridge and through Sóc Hamlet – a residential area in Phù Chẩn Commune, Từ Sơn District of Bắc Ninh Province.

After reaching Việt Nam-Singpaore Industrial Park, the vehicles either return to the Hà Nôi-Bắc Ninh Expressway or cross Đại Đình flyover to go to the centre of Từ Sơn Town.

By following these routes, drivers avoid the toll station on the expressway.

As a result, hundreds of cars and trucks were travelling on the provincial roads or smaller ones in residential areas, which threatened local roads safety, the Giao thông (Transport) newspaper reported.

Although trucks with load of 10 tonnes or higher are banned from travelling on the route from Phù Đổng Road to Chạc Bridge, heavy trucks often flout the rule, causing traffic jams.

A local told the newspaper that the roads had gotten damaged, making difficult for locals to travel.

On dry days, they were choked by dirt whilst on rainy days, the roads were muddy and slippery and at night, the noise made by running vehicles kept residents awake, she said.

Nguyễn Ngọc Thái, office manager of Bắc Ninh Province’s Road Safety Committee said drivers would inform each other about the alternative routes, which helped them to avoid paying toll along the highway.

“More and more drivers are becoming aware of these routes, meaning that small roads in residential areas are witnessing higher traffic pressure,” he said.

Trần Xuân Tình, chairman of Phù Đồng Commune People’s Committee, said in the last seven months, the commune saw 13 serious traffic accidents, while previously, just four or five traffic accidents were reported in one year.

He said roads in the commune were damaged, large potholes had appeared and five electric poles had collapsed after being hit by vehicles, which threatened the safety of travellers.

During rush hour, local police directed the traffic flow and restricted heavy trucks from entering the commune roads, Tĩnh said, adding that commune police failed to deter truck drivers because the police were not empowered to fine the drivers. — VNS


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