Two men sentenced for activities aimed at overthrowing government

June 20, 2024 - 16:01
Two Vietnamese individuals from Tiền Giang Province have been sentenced by a local court in the province for “activities aimed at overthrowing the government.”
Two residents of Tiền Giang Province, at the provincial court on Wednesday, were sentenced a total of 24 years in prison for engaging in anti-government activities. — Photo courtesy of the police.

TIỀN GIANG — Two Vietnamese individuals from the southern province of Tiền Giang have been sentenced by a local court for “activities aimed at overthrowing the government.”

The court on Wednesday sentenced Nguyễn Đức Thanh, 56, to 16 years in prison, and Nhựt Kim Bình, 47, to eight years in prison for this charge.

Thanh was found guilty of sharing distorted and anti-State content on social media, despite previous fines for similar offenses.

He joined a “terrorist organisation” called the “Provisional National Government of Việt Nam” between 2019 and 2023, and engaged in anti-government activities such as recruitment and training.

Despite facing fines, Thanh continued spreading false information and inciting others, including Bình, to join the terrorist organisation.

The provincial police found anti-state social media posts by Thanh and evidence of his recruitment activities.

The organisation, headquartered in the US, is considered a terrorist group by Vietnamese authorities.

Its leader, Đào Minh Quân, 72, a Vietnamese American who currently lives in the US, has been wanted for terrorist activities against the Vietnamese government since 2017.

The group’s plans included recruiting forces, establishing bases, and purchasing weapons for terror acts in Việt Nam.

The heads of the organisation living abroad continued to expand their forces for terrorising, sabotaging, and assassinating officials in Việt Nam.

Authorities have warned against any involvement in activities associated with the organisation, as it would be considered terrorism under Vietnamese law.

The group’s members have been involved in terrorist activities in Việt Nam since 2015, leading to legal actions against supporters and participants. — VNS