Family proud, happy as daughter departs for military service

February 27, 2024 - 10:00
When asked about her future plans, Nhi hopes to contribute her knowledge and experience to the country. She desires to become a doctor and serve long-term in the army.
Dương Thị Phương Nhi (standing) prepares her luggage to join the military service. — VNA/VNS Photo Chanh Đa

BẠC LIÊU — Dương Thị Phương Nhi, 22, from Bạc Liêu City, is proud to be the only female recruit among new recruits in the province waiting to depart for military service this year.

Nhi said that when studying military subject, she really liked the military environment.

After graduating from the provincial College of Pharmacy last year, Nhi worked at the Bạc Liêu Military and Civilian Hospital.

“I found information about military service this year, so I decided to join. My parents supported me and I was accepted by the army, I was very happy," she said.

But Nhi is also a little worried, because she knows she will face many difficulties ahead in her new environment.

But, receiving encouragement from everyone in her family, especially her parents, Nhi felt more secure in mind.

"I like it, so no matter how difficult it is, I will overcome. This is also a challenge for me. I will try to surpass myself and complete every duty well," she said.

When Nhi’s family learned that she had been recruited into military service, they were both surprised and happy.

They always encourage Nhi to try harder.

This was also the family's pride and expectation when Nhi joined the army.

When asked about her future plans, Nhi hopes to contribute her knowledge and experience to the country.

She desires to become a doctor and serve long-term in the army.

Dương Văn Thắng, Nhi's father, said: “I used to serve in the army and also wanted to serve for a long time. However, at that time, I was not qualified so my military service was not completed.”

After being discharged from the army, Thắng studied to be a silversmith, got married and had four children.

“I always take care of my children's education and wanted them to be qualified. Because I believe that people with high degrees will serve the army better. That's why I hoped that Nhi would serve in the army," he said.

Nhi is Thắng’s third daughter.

“Nhi was determined to enrol in military service, I immediately supported her and affirmed that the military environment would train her to become more mature,” said Thắng.

Thắng always believes that hard work will help his children grow.

Thắng and his wife also advised Nhi before joining the army that she must try to study, practise, respect her superiors, yield to her subordinates, and always improve morality.

Nhi said: “I will live in harmony with my comrades and strictly comply with military regulations, so that my superiors and comrades will trust and love me. The lessons and knowledge I learn in the military environment are experiences for me to grow up, as well as preparation to serve me better in the future.”

“Being a citizen who contributes to the country is the greatest honour of a Vietnamese citizen,” she said.

Nhi and her parents confirmed that defending the Fatherland was the cause of the entire nation, and performing military service is a citizen’s duty and responsibility to the Fatherland and to the Bạc Liêu homeland.

Nhi vows to use her youth and enthusiasm to fulfil her sacred responsibility to the Fatherland.

Thắng said: “Hopefully, Nhi will always strive to overcome difficulties to successfully complete all assigned tasks, and justify the family’s trust in her.”

Nhi said that her family would always be her support and great motivation for her to continue realising her dream.

​Thirty provinces and cities in the country held ceremonies on Sunday to see tens of thousands of young people off for military service in the first handover batch.

The remaining 33 localities will carry out the handover of recruits to the military in the next two days. — VNS