232 civil servants found violating alcohol limit in six weeks

October 25, 2023 - 08:47
A total of 6,391 cases of violations of traffic order and safety were detected and handed over to local police for processing.


The Lạng Sơn Traffic Police check a driver for alcohol consumption. VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI - A crackdown on driving under the influence of alcohol found 232 violations by officials, public servants, or civil servants.

From August 30 to October 15, six task forces led by the Ministry of Public Security, through the Traffic Police Department, cooperated with local traffic police departments and district-level police to focus on monitoring and addressing the issue of drivers participating in traffic with alcohol or drug levels in their breath, overloading and other violations.

As a result, 6,391 cases of violations of traffic order and safety, which included 1,202 cars, 5,160 motorcycles, 28 electric motorcycles, and a three-wheeler were detected and handed over to local police for processing.

Among these cases, 6,119 cases were related to exceeding the legal alcohol limit. There were 46 cases not complying with the requirement for alcohol level testing. Additionally, 32 cases involved individuals who had traces of drugs in their bodies, 12 cases violated cargo weight and dimensions regulations, and 187 cases involved other violations. Notably, through verification, 232 cases were found involving individuals who were officials, public servants, or civil servants.

During the inspection and handling of alcohol limit violations, the task forces discovered, documented, and handed over eight cases and nine individuals to local law enforcement for investigation. Among these cases, three cases and four individuals were related to the illegal possession and use of narcotics.

There were three individuals related to obstructing public officials in the performance of their duties in Hải Dương, Bắc Giang, and Hải Phòng, and two individuals were linked to the forging and use of seals and documents.

The task forces have transferred 37 cases to the Criminal Investigation Police to investigate and process.

In Bắc Giang province, the task forces found and handed over 436 cases for local processing. Of these, 399 cases exceeded the legal alcohol limit, four cases did not comply with alcohol level testing requirements, one case involved the use of drugs and 32 cases were related to other violations. Through rapid verification, 19 cases involved officials, public servants, or civil servants.

Some localities have concentrated their efforts on controlling alcohol limit violations effectively, such as Thừa Thiên - Huế, Yên Bái, Bình Thuận, Gia Lai, Quảng Nam, and Hà Tĩnh.

According to the assessment of the Traffic Police Department, the process of sending violation notices to agencies and units for individuals who have violated the law has created a profound change in the awareness of the general public and organisational agencies.

As a result, a culture of law enforcement regarding traffic has been established, and all individuals are treated equally, with no exceptions.

In the future, the Traffic Police Department will seek the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security to continue sending violation notices of officials, party members, and civil servants to agencies and units for strict processing.

At the same time, the Traffic Police Department has issued instructions to police units and localities to strengthen patrolling and monitoring efforts, and take decisive action to cultivate the habit and culture of "No Drinking and Driving." The handling of violations must be thorough, without evasion, with a spirit of upholding the law, and with no exceptions. VNS