Family bonding event held in HCM City as part of "The Hug Project"

October 08, 2023 - 08:19
The event aims to raise awareness about child abuse and provide essential knowledge to protect the future generation, starting with warm hugs – small actions that bring peace and healing to children.
A family taking part in the The Hug Project's family bonding event in HCM City on Saturday. — Photo courtesy of the Hanwha Life

HCM CITY — Continuing the journey to realise the message "A warm hug, soothing all wounds" to combat child abuse, The Hug Project, sponsored by insurance company Hanwha Life in collaboration with ChildFund Korea, organised a family bonding event on Saturday (Oct 7) at Vạn Hạnh Mall, HCM City.

The event aims to raise awareness about child abuse and provide essential knowledge to protect the future generation, starting with warm hugs – small actions that bring peace and healing to children.

The event's goal is not only to encourage positive changes within families but also to underscore the importance of an embrace. When enveloped in loving arms, children not only feel safe and happy but also develop the ability to recover and stabilise their emotions, thus building a strong mental foundation for life.

Each part of the event is designed to promote connections and convey essential knowledge about child protection, highlighting the significance of hugs between children and their family members. These can be physical hugs or emotional embraces when parents spend time with their children, listen to them, and nurture their joys.

Exciting activities took place with the participation of many families, including:

  • Family bonding activities: Families enjoyed meaningful gathering spaces with various entertainment programmes including games, three workshops, and a playground for young children. These spaces allowed families to connect, share, and create unforgettable memories with warm hugs from children and parents and other loved ones.
  • Discussions with experts: This activity provided participants with valuable information about child upbringing and protection. Experts shared necessary knowledge about comprehensive child development and the profound impact of family upbringing on children. The panel discussions aimed to propose practical solutions for parents to raise, educate, and love their children positively, starting with hugs.
  • 'Love Messages' area: This is where adults conveyed their love to children, shared their thoughts on the significance of hugs, and expressed their commitment to child protection. The area aimed to create a shared environment for the safety and warmth of children. Throughout the programme, the project also gifted special "buddy" dolls to families so that children could take a "warm embrace" home.

A representative of Hanwha Life said, "As a long-standing insurance company from South Korea that has been operating in Việt Nam for 15 years, Hanwha Life aims to provide comprehensive financial solutions to the Vietnamese people and actively contribute to the sustainable development of the community."

Hanwha Life leaders and representatives of families taking part in the family bonding event in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of Hanwha Life

"With special attention to children – the future of the nation, The Hug Project and this event are clear evidence of our commitment to working together to create a safe and nurturing environment for children's holistic development. Through this event, we hope to promote strong family bonds and raise awareness of child protection, cultivating the seeds of happiness."

With a mission to be an insurance company focused on community development and happiness, Hanwha Life Insurance has been making contributions to society through its three pillars: people, technology, and connections. These contributions include nurturing talents, supporting children and adolescents, building healthcare infrastructure, and preventing child violence worldwide.

In 2023, alongside this meaningful family bonding event, The Hug Project will continue to implement diverse activities to spotlight the importance of child protection.

The project's official fan page on Facebook will serve as a central hub for information dissemination, addressing child-related issues, parenting, children's rights, and guidance on identifying and reporting violence that harms children.

In September, the reality programme "Embracing Children from the Heart" was broadcast on the project's fan page, delving into the daily lives of parents and their child-rearing challenges, conflicts, and solutions.

Through stories, psychological experts, and guest speakers, parents exchanged information and valuable advice on non-violent parenting. — VNS