STEM education helping students to create and pursue passion for programming

April 12, 2023 - 08:04
One of the main reasons for their success can be attributed to STEM, an education model specialising in science, technology, engineering and maths.
Cần Thơ City's students participate in the primary STEM education festival held on March, 10. Photo

Cần Thơ City - Students in Cần Thơ City are forward-thinking and innovative, and they have the prizes to prove it.

The children in the Mekong Delta region have won numerous national and international Robothon competitions – a platform for students to explore real-world issues of today, with creative solutions.

One of the main reasons for their success can be attributed to STEM, an education model specialising in science, technology, engineering and maths.

The STEM system was implemented in schools in the city back in 2027, and they are reaping the rewards.

Since the beginning of this school year, all 169 schools have implemented a style of teaching that not only focuses on STEM, but also Informatics.

Last month, three primary school students of Cần Thơ City won a championship, a first prize and a second prize at the International Robothon Contest held in Malaysia.

The first prize at the National Robothon Contest 2023 also went to a Cần Thơ City student.

Bình Thủy Primary School had eight students participating in the International Robothon competition in Malaysia, and all won top prizes.

Trịnh Thị Nhung, Principal of Bình Thủy Primary School said these new teaching models have opened many opportunities for her students.

She said: “We also cooperate with specialised units to teach advanced classes in English, Informatics, computer science programming and Robothon exam preparation for students to enter the competitions.”

Lê Minh Kha, an Informatics teacher, said that in STEM Robotics lessons, teachers have chosen gifted students for further training.

Thanks to the efforts of school administrators, during the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching schedules were not interrupted.

This helped students prepare for competitions.

In the training process, teachers and students always received support from parents as well as local computer businesses.

Nguyễn Minh Quân, a student who took part in the International Robothon Contest, said that the STEM Robotics lessons were very useful, helping him and his friends to be creative and pursue their passion for programming.

“When you have a problem, you will consult the teacher and there will be suggestions on how to best solve problems,” Quân said.

“Robothon contest is a useful playground to exchange and learn from international friends.”

Trần Thanh Bình, Director of the Cần Thơ City's Department of Education and Training said that the sector has identified STEM Robotics as one of the key educational models.

The department has encouraged schools to establish Robotics clubs, on the basis of consensus between schools and parents, in order to create a playground for children to satisfy their passion for research, creativity, and scientific/technological application to solve life's problems, according to Bình.

Many schools have been creative in improving teaching quality, applying integrated knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to STEM activities in the classroom.VNS