Man travels across Việt Nam to do voluntary work

December 27, 2022 - 07:26
With only a motorbike and a camera, this young man has travelled across the country to take part in voluntary work.
Phát feeds an animal at Bù Gia Mập National Park where he is doing voluntary work. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Every morning, Quan Nguyên Phát is woken not by an alarm clock, but by animal noises.

He has been volunteering at Bù Gia Mập National Park in southern Bình Phước Province for two weeks, taking care of animals.

In just two weeks, he is already a dab hand at the job and it appears he has been working there far longer.

The sounds of otters or apes have become familiar to him.

“I love to bring my camera and stroll around the park then see animals appear and disappear in the forest,” he told HCM City Law newspaper.

His daily tasks are feeding the animals and cleaning their cages.

“I can mow the lawn, prepare food, feed the deer and elk, clean the barn, hoe the land to grow vegetables,” he said.

“I feel lucky to witness the release of animals back to the forest, their real home.”

Bù Gia Mập National Park is one of dozens of places where he has been doing voluntary work.

Working as a freelance in the digital marketing field, Phát has the time to travel. With only a motorbike and a camera, the young man has travelled across the country to take part in voluntary work.

He said Bù Gia Mập National Park is the last stop before he returns to his hometown for New Year holiday.

On his journey along the country, he realised that many people are neglecting the environment.

“The beautiful landscapes are full of paper, cans, even piles of unburnt charcoal left behind by partygoers," the 33-year-old said.

“Protecting the natural environment does not need anything too serious. We just need to put garbage in the right place. As long as each of us raises awareness and takes responsibility, good things will surely be spread widely in the community.

“I admire the work of those who care for wildlife. Each animal sent to the Bù Gia Mập National Park has its own story, some are abused, some have lost in limbs through traps, some are trafficked illegally. I need to do something to help them return to the wild, also their home.”

He is calling for donations to build houses for animals at the parks as most of the cages are no longer appropriate for their living characteristics.

Earlier Phát joined in the team to support turtle egg laying at Núi Chúa National Park, Ninh Thuận Province and grew trees at Măng Đen, Kon Tum Province.

Not only keen on wildlife care activities, Phát has also joined volunteer activities in communities including giving gifts to disadvantaged people such as poor students, storm-affected residents, psychiatric patients.

He said what motivated him to do voluntary work is his disadvantaged family background.

“Myself and other four siblings received lots of support from teachers and others. I always feel grateful and wish to share good things with others, especially disadvantaged students in remote areas,” he said.

Phát's family has so far still maintained their voluntary activity. Every month they gather at their house in Tiền Giang Province to cook rice and deliver it to patients at Tiền Giang and Chợ Gạo general hospitals.

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thanh, leader of Help Portrait voluntary group at a child shelter in HCM City’s District 4, said “I am impressed by the way Phát works as a volunteer. He is extremely serious at work with a strict time routine and a professional working style.”

“When playing with children, Phát seems like a different person. He is energetic, funny and loves to tell jokes that make children to laugh,” she said. — VNS