Hà Nội Party Committee calls for site clearance for Ring Road No 4 to be acceralated

September 16, 2022 - 06:44
The road will strengthen connectivity and create motivation and breakthroughs in the socio-economic development of Hà Nội and neighbouring areas.
An intersection of the Ring Road No 3. — Photo tienphong.vn 

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HÀ NỘI — The Party Committee of Hà Nội has called for ground clearance and relocation for the project of Ring Road No 4 to be sped up.

The investment project to build Ring Road No 4 in the capital city is an important project contributing to the expansion of development space for the capital. It will reduce population density and traffic congestion in the inner city and gradually change the economic structure of the area along the road and the suburbs. It was promulgated in Directive 16-CT/TU signed by the Hà Nội Party Secretary Đinh Tiến Dũng.

The road will also strengthen connectivity and create motivation and breakthroughs in the socio-economic development of Hà Nội and neighbouring areas.

The Ring Road No 4 project is 58.2km long, passing through the seven districts of Sóc Sơn, Mê Linh, Đan Phượng, Hoài Đức, Hà Đông, Thanh Oai and Thường Tín.

The workload related to site clearance and land acquisition for project construction is very large.

The committee directed seven groups of tasks of raising leadership and direction of the Party committees at all levels and enlisting the support of land users, including individuals and collectives, to ensure the schedule of site clearance and construction of the project.

The Party Committee's Standing Board asked district-level Party committees, authorities and social organisations where the road passes to organised seminars to provide information on the project and its meanings for socio-economic development.

The standing board also unified policies on compensation, support, resettlement and site clearance to maximise the legal rights and interests of people whose land is recovered, according to regulations, as well as to mobilise people to comply with the policy on land recovery.

The relevant offices were asked to strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of the Party's guidelines and State's policies and laws on population management, planning, land, construction, compensation and resettlement.

Party committees of districts of Hà Đông, Sóc Sơn, Mê Linh, Đan Phượng, Hoài Đức, Thanh Oai and Thường Tín have to set up working teams serving for the project.

Each locality needs to clearly define the roadmap and completion time of the site clearance and ensure the interests of the State, enterprises and people.

The heads of district party committees are responsible for not completing the site clearance schedule, affecting the overall progress of the project.

The district leaders must promptly propose and report to the city People's Committee to solve problems and difficulties in site clearance.

Regarding the specific progress, the districts must complete the investment in building the technical infrastructure of the resettlement area in service of site clearance by the second quarter of next year.

Districts will hand over 60-70 per cent of the cleared land area by the third quarter next year and the remaining area in the fourth quarter next year.

On June 16, 2022, the National Assembly issued Resolution No 56/2022/QH15 on the project's policy to build Ring Road No 4 in Hà Nội. Accordingly, the project will be completed in 2026 and implemented in 2027.

On July 5, 2022, the Hà Nội Party Committee issued Decision No 2915-QD/TU on the establishment of a Steering Committee for the implementation of the Ring Road No 4 project headed by Đinh Tiến Dũng, Member of the Politburo and Secretary of the Hà Nội Party Committee.

The Hà Nội People's Committee also issued Decision No 2447/QD-UBND dated July 13, 2022, assigning the task of implementing the project and Decision No 2747/QD-UBND dated August 5, 2022, assigning the task of implementing compensation and site clearance. — VNS