Mông man discharged from hospital after facial surgery

December 14, 2021 - 15:13
The face of Thao A Tu, 52, has a new look after successful facial surgery by doctors the National Hospital of Odonto and Stomatology (NHOS).


The National Hospital of Odonto and Stomatology's doctors examine Tu before he is discharged from the hospital. — VNS Photo Thanh Hải

HÀ NỘI — The face of Thao A Tu, 52, a Mông ethnic man, has a new look after successful facial surgery at the National Hospital of Odonto and Stomatology (NHOS).

Doctors performed facial surgery to remove neurofibroma on his right cheek early on December 1. 

Tu has had neurofibromatosis on both cheeks since he was about 6 years old. The two tumours have gradually enlarged, though are painless and non-ulcerative. Nine years ago, the larger tumour on his left cheek was surgically removed by a doctor at K (Cancer) Hospital.

The remaining tumor on the right cheek has increased rapidly, causing facial deformities and difficulties in his daily life. By chance, he met a group of journalists and was taken to the National Hospital of Odonto and Stomatology for examination and treatment.

NHOS director Dr. Trần Cao Bính said Tu’s neurofibroma was not the largest facial tumor but among the most complicated cases that the hospital had ever received because the patient's tumor had invaded the muscle tissue, making surgery difficult.

"This is a very dangerous case. To prepare for surgery, the patient’s health was initially improved. After the surgery, we had to take care to avoid facial paralysis. To prevent the patient suffering large blood loss, we used the latest medical techniques and facilities," said Dr. Nguyễn Quang Bình, in charge of the surgical and post-operative process said.

The surgery was expected to take 6-8 hours. However, with detailed planning and the use of advanced intervention methods, it took just over 3 hours, said Bình.

“As of today, patient Thào A Tu has met the discharge criteria. The tumor was removed and the patient preserved maximum aesthetic function, with no complications, no facial paralysis or delayed inner eye, showing good health recovery," he added.

Tu said that he was touched because the tumor had been following him for the past 10 years, and felt like he was reborn..

“I want to thank the support of the hospital and donors for giving me the opportunity to have this strange tumor removed,” Tu said.

Tu left the hospital on Tuesday to return to his hometown in Pha Mu Commune, Than Uyên District, Lai Châu Province. — VNS