Frontline forces work hard to combat the pandemic

September 17, 2021 - 08:53
The police force has also helped to raise people's awareness and strictly handle violations, contributing to early disease control in the province.


Police at a checkpoint in Vĩnh Long Province. — VNA/VNS Photo

VĨNH LONG — With the mission of acting as a shield against the pandemic, thousands of police officers in southern Vĩnh Long Province have worked hard day and night with the military and the health sector in performing tasks on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight.

Since the new COVID-19 wave emerged in Việt Nam in late April, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Văn Núi has been sent to checkpoints to maintain social security and order while preventing the spread of the disease.

Núi is head of the COVID-19 checkpoint in Ward No 8, Vĩnh Long City. He is among more than 1,500 personnel working at 300 supervision stations and patrol teams at quarantine centres in Vĩnh Long Province.

Núi said during the battle, many officers and soldiers have put aside their own needs and concerns to successfully complete their assigned tasks.

"Everyone is aware that they have to fulfil the assigned tasks, especially the prevention and fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect people and also to protect ourselves and our families,” Núi said.

During the period of social distancing according to Directive 16 which started on July 19, they were not only on duty at the checkpoints but also had to regularly go on patrol. They had to keep a close watch on the zone to stop people leaving or others entering, while dealing with those who did not follow the rules.

The provincial police force has performed over 13,000 patrols. They made records of over 6,480 cases of violations and sanctioned 2,723 cases with a total amount of over VNĐ8 billion.

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Lữ Quang Ngời, said that these checkpoints played an important role in detecting infections and preventing the risk of COVID-19 spreading.

The police force has also helped to raise people's awareness and strictly handle violations, contributing to disease control in the province.

In the last days of July, field hospitals were established to treat and care for COVID-19 patients as the number of COVID-19 cases continued to increase.

A patient is tested for COVID-19 at field hospital No. 2 in Mang Thít District. — VNA/VNS Photo

Many young doctors and medical students also volunteered to join the fight against the pandemic.

Every day, they support doctors in examination and care for patients.

When the fourth wave broke out, Nguyễn Thanh Quyền, a medical student, decided to apply to be part of the volunteer medical force to fight the pandemic at the field hospital No. 2 in Mang Thít district.

Quyền said that working at the field hospital was an opportunity for him to devote and help him learn more from practical experience.

"I want to share the hardship that other medics out there have suffered, having to work with protective gear in the hot weather," said Quyền.

"During treatment, many patients are very confused. Doctors and nurses have to both treat and be companions to encourage and help patients overcome this hard time."

With the efforts of doctors at the No. 2 field hospital, 268 have recovered and returned to normal life. Only six patients are still being treated.

Doctors said that it warms their heart to see the happy faces of the patients and receive messages of peace and thanks from them.

After more than three months fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, 20 out of 107 communes, wards and towns across the province have started to enter a "new normal". — VNS