A glance at Iran's glorious achievements in the post Islamic Revolution era

February 09, 2021 - 08:41

To mark the 42nd anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran (11/2/2021) Việt Nam News introduces a story by Ali Akbar Nazari, Ambassador of Iran

To mark the 42nd anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran (February 11) Việt Nam News introduces a story by Ali Akbar Nazari, Ambassador of Iran

February 1-11 are unforgettable days in the history of our great nation, Iran. They are the days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution with the participation of all strata of society under the leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Forty-two years ago, on February 11, 1979, the Iranian people established their religious democracy and chose a new political system based on independence relying on the two principles of republic and Islam. A system which defined international relations on the basis of compliance with international laws, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and mutual respect based on the three-pillar foreign policy of dignity, wisdom and expediency following the logic of dialogue and emphasising respect for human dignity and co-operation to achieve universal prosperity, peace, stability and security.

Azadi Tower, the most iconic landmark and symbol of Tehran - the capital of Iran.  Photo courtesy of the embassy

Over the past 42 years, Iran has sprung up in all dimensions one after another. Globally speaking, being among a few countries in the field of science production, nuclear and satellite technology, ranking fourth in nanotechnology, fifth in drone manufacturing, fifth in cyber power, ninth in access to space, third in converting gas to gasoline, fourth in bioethanol production, first in attracting medical tourists in the region and having the largest shipbuilding pools in the Middle East all reflect Iran’s success in the past four decades.

Of course, Iran’s huge progress was not to the liking of enemies and they tried in every possible way to create obstacles from imposing maximum pressure on Iran in military, economic and political ways to the assassination of significant military and scientific figures such as General Soleimani, the torchbearer of the fight against ISIS and Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a prominent scientist of peaceful nuclear science. Despite all these efforts, due to wise and courageous leadership, such unlawful actions and threats have changed to opportunities for maximum resistance and deterrence.

Before getting into bilateral relations, I would like to congratulate Việt Nam on its success in achieving the dual goals of economic growth and control of COVID-19 as well as its successful role as a non-permanent member of the Security Council and presidency over ASEAN and the  ASEAN Interparliamentary Assembly in 2020.

While this year, we are celebrating the 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and Việt Nam, looking back to the history of relations shows that the ties between the two countries have always been friendly without any single dark point. The political will of the leaders of the two countries has led to the expansion of relations which can be seen through the exchange of high-level political delegations including the reciprocal visit of the two presidents in 2016, the visit of the Vice President of Việt Nam’s National Assembly to Iran in 2017 and the visit of the president of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran to Việt Nam in 2018.

Furthermore, the two countries have always co-operated constructively and supported each other in the international arenas such as Iran’s support for Việt Nam’s non-permanent membership in the Security Council and other organisations and Việt Nam's support for Iran in the Security Council in the nuclear deal and Việt Nam's negative vote against the resolution of the human rights situation in the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.

The special message of the Prime Minister of Việt Nam to the First Vice President of Iran for co-operation in the fight against COVID-19 reflects the brotherly and friendly nature of relations between the two countries. Theses common wills and achievements in the history of bilateral relations have paved the way for the two countries to strengthen relations in 2021 through the exchange of delegations at all levels, implementing existing bilateral mechanisms and creating new ones.

Mausoleum of Saadi, the great Persian poet in Shiraz. Photo courtesy of the embassy

I hope that in 2021, the world will be rid of COVID-19 and the two countries will witness further development of co-operation in all fields, particularly in economic and trade sectors.

To close, I would like to congratulate the leaders and people of the brother country, Việt Nam, on the occasion of Lunar New Year. Happy Tết! VNS