Hong Kong Arts Centre "Via North Point" Open Call for Creative Community Space Proposals

January 26, 2021 - 02:39
Hong Kong Arts Centre "Via North Point" Open Call for Creative Community Space Proposals

Calling all creative talents in town! Be An Imagineer!


HONG KONG SAR - MediaOutReach - 26 January 2021 - Have you ever thought about transforming your ideasinto an art installation in urban community spaces? Here comes the chance! Organizedby the Hong Kong Arts Centre ("HKAC")and funded by Urban Renewal Fund, "ViaNorth Point", a public art and community initiative that carries themission of urban revitalization would like to hear from you. Its Call for Creative Community Space Proposals("Open Call") welcomes talents fromall walks of life -- along with artists, creatives and architects -- to submityour proposal to breathe new life into the public spaces!



After months of collection of opinions, practical experience and accumulationof knowledge in diversified activities, such as "Your SAY!", "CommunityWanderer -- Guided Tour Design and Training Workshop ", and "Urban Design LabOnline Exhibition", it is time to materialize the ideas into reality for the unique "ViaNorth Point" project.


The OpenCall aimsto stimulate greater social interaction through public participation, and localcreative talents as individuals, a company or a team are welcome to submit theirproposals. Selected proposals will be commissioned and showcased in themonth-long Finale Festival in September 2021. Envision a new life for the urbanspaces. Take action and "Be an Imagineer" NOW!


Open Call for Creative Community Space Proposals

Submission Period

From now until 18:00 (Hong Kong time), 22 February 2021 (Monday)

Target Participants

Creative talents, artists, architects, academic organizations or individuals forming new collectives are all welcome

General Design Considerations for Creative Work

●      Offer multiple ways for users to interact with and stimulate greater social interaction

●      Explore the multipurpose uses of public spaces and respond creatively to the neighborhood needs

●      Enhance community vitality and spatial experience

For details please see: www.via-northpoint.hk/opencall/


Designated locations:

●      Sitting-out Area across Chun Yeung Street and Tong Shui Road

●      Pavilion at North Point Promenade


Other suggested locations*:

●      Ground area under HF61 footbridge

●      Junction area between North Point Road and Java Road

●      North Point Public Pier

●      Tong Shui Road Garden

●      Junction area between Tong Shui Road and North Point Estate Lane

●      Kam Ping Street


* Not limited to other suggested locations within the outlined area

Submission Method

For details, please find the attachment of design brief and visit the website of Via North Point at www.via-northpoint.hk/opencall/

Email : vianp@hkac.org.hk.

Selection Process

20 eligible submissions (maximum) will be shortlisted by the HKAC and reviewed by the Selection Panel for public voting

Important Dates

●      Deadline for proposal submission:

18:00, 22 February 2021 (Hong Kong time)

●      Notification of results of shortlisted participants:

Early March 2021

●      Review of Shortlisted Proposals by the Selection Panel:

Mid-March, 2021

●      Result Announcement:

Late-March, 2021

●      Installation and setup of the commissioned creative work:

April -- August 2021

●      Creative works open to public at Finale Festival:

September 2021


HKAC is planning to launch"North Point Meet & Greet -- A day of life in the neighbourhood" discussionsession in this coming Friday (January 29, 2021) so as to facilitate directcommunication between potential applicants and different stakeholders in NorthPoint. This may help creative talents to come up with proposals in response tothe users with different lifestyles in the community. General public arewelcome to join. Details are as follows:

North Point Meet & Greet -- A day of life in the neighbourhood  on 29 January, 2021


29 January 2021 (Friday)


13:00 to 14:00





Via North Point Weekend in February

In spite of thecontinual outbreak of coronavirus, the first 【Via North Point Weekend】 was successfullyheld in December 2020, along with a series of activities, including onlinecommunity tour and online workshops. In February, 【Via North Point Weekend】 willcontinue to fill up your weekends with more diverse activities. Details andregistration to be announced on Facebook and Instagram of "Via North Point"soon -- Stay Tuned!

*Programmesand events are subject to change without prior notice.

Arrangementsare subject to the latest announcement by HKAC. For more details, please visit:

Website        :           www.via-northpoint.hk

Facebook     :            路過北角ViaNorth Point

Instagram    :            @vianorthpoint

YouTube       :