South Korean Startup bitsensing Introduces the Smallest Radar for a Health Monitoring System at CES 2021

January 14, 2021 - 03:25
South Korean Startup bitsensing Introduces the Smallest Radar for a Health Monitoring System at CES 2021

The mini Healthcare Radar, mini-H, Creates a Safer and More Convenient Monitoring System for Telehealth


LAS VEGAS, NV - Media OutReach - 13 January 2021 - bitsensing, a South Korean radar technologystartup, introduces the new mini Healthcare Radar, mini-H, the smallest high-resolution60GHz IoT Radar sensor in the lineup. The innovation behind the mini-H demonstratesthe company's industry leading expertise in designing and building cutting edgeradar technology that can transform healthcare, automotive, mobility, smarthome, security, and beyond.  

Dr. Jae-EunLee, CEO of bitsensing, a seasoned engineer in radar technology and formerly apart of the automotive world at Mando Corp., knows what it takes to create asafe and conveniently connected world. "Revolutionary technologies such as mini-Hare propelling what is possible in all facets of our daily lives," says Lee. "Weat bitsensing are committed to integrating these groundbreaking radar technologiesto help build smart lives and smart cities which ultimately elevates thequality of life for all."


The advanced mini-H sensor attaches to the wall and can detect,in real-time, presence, movement, breathing or lack there-of, and falls by measuringbreathing patterns and pulsating vessels without the use of intrusive camerasor wearables.


Specifically designed for a more intelligent and safermonitoring system for telehealth, mini-H can be used in dark or wet places andworks regardless of clothes or blankets. The Bluetooth and WiFi communicationmodule allows for a seamless transfer of data from the radar to dashboards orthe app for easy tracking. This fully wireless product makes it quick and easyto implement software advancements, ensuring the product is always up to date. Thesleek, compact aesthetic of the product also allows for an easy integration whilethe plug and play style provides instant monitoring of activities with theoption to adjust settings for optimal personalization.


As a leading radar solution company, bitsensing offers completeend to end services, creating customizable radars like the mini-H that exceed industrystandards in convenience and security. The nimble structure of bitsensingallows the team to deliver powerful products quickly while working directlywith end customers across a large range of industries to ensure satisfactionand broaden their horizons of what is possible in a smart life.


CES attendees can visit bitsensing's virtual booth tolearn more about the mini-H from January 11-14, 2021. To view the mini-H informationalproduct video, please visit here.If you are interested in learning more about our radar solution offerings,please visit

mini-H ProductSpecifications

Specs subject to change without notice. All functionality, features,specifications and other product information provided in this documentincluding, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components,performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject tochange without notice.

  General Spec

  Centered Frequency

  61 GHz


  3.75 GHz

  Communication Interface

  WiFi or Bluetooth, RS485

  Coverage Spec

  Detection Range

  0.2m ~ 2.5m

  Field of View

  ±60° (Azimuth), ±60° (Elevation)


  Moving, Falling, Presence, Apnea

  Vital Sign




  Electrical Spec

  Operating Voltage

  7V ~ 14V

  Current Consumption

  Max 3W

  Mechanical Spec


  50 x 50 x 15 mm




  Open terminal Cable

  Environment Spec

  Operating Temperature

  -20 ~ +85 °C

* The data driven by respiration detection may belimited and is designed to be used for apnea detection

**The weight is without cable

About bitsensing

bitsensing is imaging radar technology company committedto building safer smart cities and elevating connected living by designingcutting-edge sensor fusions and AI solutions bringing an unprecedented level ofintelligence to smart living. Founded in 2018 by seasoned automotive experts, bitsensing is one of the only startupsdelivering optimal technologies thatmeet and exceed the high level of safety and convenience that the industrydemands. bitsensing istransforming possibilities to bring democratization of smart life inhealthcare, automotive, mobility, smart home, security, and beyond.