Kincentric Best Employers in Malaysia Embrace the Next Normal in Extraordinary Ways

January 13, 2021 - 09:33
Kincentric Best Employers in Malaysia Embrace the Next Normal in Extraordinary Ways

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA- Media OutReach - 14January 2021 - Never in history have employee engagement experiences played amore crucial role than it has in 2020. The unprecedented challenges thatbusinesses have undergone have shown us that it is people, more than any otherfactors that carry a company through a crisis towards success.

With decades of expertisein culture and engagement, leadership assessment and development, and HR andtalent advisory services, Kincentric (a Spencer Stuart Company) helpsorganizations to be the best in the business through their Best Employers program, a leading employer benchmarkingprogram measuring and recognizing extraordinary employers demonstrating workplaceexcellence.

For 20 years, theKincentric Best Employers program has recognized leading employers across theworld who are committed to realizing great workplace experiences. Selected byan independent panel of judges, these organizations are leading the way inaspects that are crucial for success -- employee engagement, agility, engagingleadership and talent focus.

In 2020, Kincentric BestEmployers in Malaysia have consistently found new and innovative ways toempower and motivate their people throughout a very challenging year, creatinga work environment where people feel appreciated, highly connected and inspiredto do their best, every day. As we begin 2021, we look at how our BestEmployers in Malaysia have applied an agile approach to strategy, measurementand delivery of the Employee eXperience to prepare for the next normal.

edotcoGroup Sdn Bhd

  • Best Employer in Malaysiaand recipient of the Commitment to Engaging Leadership special award, theintegrated telecommunications infrastructure services company employed threekey strategies, namely timely and empathetic communication, personal involvementof senior leadership and people managers in employee development programs, andactivation of people managers as informal mentors.
  • Apart from regular andprompt updates to employees on business and COVID-19 related developments, theorganization focused on sustaining employee resilience through financial,mental and physical wellbeing in 2020, doubling down on employee developmentinvestment by 50% to future-proof its workforce via digital competencies.
  • "At edotco, webelieve in never letting a crisis go to waste. The COVID-19 pandemic had boughthome 2 new values into our organization (Resilience and Empathy) as the anchorthat keeps our ship grounded. While we had shifted some of our priorities,adopting these principles helped our leadership team remain laser-focused inengaging our employees in a united manner and provided us with a framework tonavigate through these turbulent waters. I believe we will emerge stronger asan organization come 2021," says Adlan Tajudin, Chief Executive Officer.


Hartalega Sdn Bhd

  • As one of the world'sleading glove manufacturers, this second-time Best Employer was an integralpart of the support system for the fight against COVID-19. Due to thesupernormal demands, the company had to adapt quickly to ramp up productioncapacity amidst the freeze on migrant labor for which the glove industry ishighly dependent on.
  • In a bid to attractlocals to meet its production challenges, Hartalega quickly improved its valueproposition for operator level jobs and accelerated the implementation of newautomation systems throughout their production facilities.
  • Reflecting on thecompany's journey in the program, Kuan Vin Seung, Chief Human Resource Officershares "In year 2017, we decided to participate in the Kincentric BestEmployers program to put Hartalega up against the best companies, not to win itbut to learn how to be better. Having won it for the second time is reallymotivating and a testament that we are on the right path to become the best inpeople's practices."


Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad

  • At the core of thishome-grown organization's value system is C.A.R.E. (Competitive, Action,Responsible, Ethical) - the belief that the spirit of caring is integral to theprosperity and survival of its business. Inculcating an inclusive,non-discriminatory work environment, Kulim continually capitalizes on employeegrowth potential by grooming and preparing its workforce to meet the needs andchanges in their current jobs, with a view of the future.
  • Promoting a high-performancework culture that runs parallel with its human capital initiatives, the companymotivated and challenged employees to raise their performance through ahighly-structured performance-based reward system.
  • As Tuan Haji AmranZakaria, Head of Corporate Services Division explains, "Our people are ourgreatest asset. We must develop the right people, with the right caliber,skills and mindset. All of these must come together. If we do not developpeople, then a lot of things are left to be desired. So, people are thefundamental factor and we need to continuously inject fresh mindsets and new thinkingto drive the company forward."

Roche Services (Asia Pacific)Sdn Bhd

  • A pioneer in healthcare,Roche combines its strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to drivepersonalized healthcare. While some organizations found the transition intoremote work quite challenging, the company executed this seamlessly, enabled bytheir existing agile ways of working. Through a creative mid-to-long termcommunication and engagement plan to enable meaningful and proactiveinteraction, Roche kept team spirit up by organizing activities such as zoomcooking classes and mental well-being talks, as well as encouraged team sharingof hobbies and games.
  • Adopting flexible workingpolicies such as the one-time Ergonomics Assistance Programme for the purchaseof furniture, tools, devices or equipment to enable smooth work from home, the companyfostered a supportive and inclusive workplace culture to retain and attract thebest talent. The approach paid off as Roche successfully employed 180 talentedindividuals during the pandemic.
  • Delighted by the honor,Martin Kikstein, General Manager says "the Kincentric Best Employer Brand Award2020 is an endorsement we are honored to receive as we truly believe anyorganization is only as good as its people. It is a meaningful awardfor all of us at Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) APAC, further reinforcingour people-first philosophy. Our collective passion to foster diversity andinclusion made this award possible for our organization. I want to take thisopportunity to thank each and every member of my team, congratulations RSSAPAC!" 

American Express(Malaysia)

  • American Express wonKincentric Best of the Best Employer in Malaysia 2020 by delivering anexceptional people-centric experience through three key areas -- trust, opencommunication and top team alignment.
  • Recognizing theimportance of a health and wellness culture from the start of the pandemic,they embarked on key initiatives beginning with the launch of a telehealthservice for colleagues and their immediate family members to consult doctorsand access expert medical care.
  • American Express Malaysiashares its success story here


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