pCloud celebrates Singles Days with a massive discounts

November 09, 2020 - 02:41
pCloud celebrates Singles Days with a massive discounts

The Swiss cloud storage provider just announced big sale to celebrate 11.11


ZUG, SWITZERLAND - Media OutReach - 9November 2020 - pCloud,leading cloud storage service announced Singles Day celebration with a hugesale of its Premium Lifetime Plans. Users in Asia have even more reasons to beexcited about pCloud now.

The cloud storage company waslaunched back in September 2013. Triggered by the growing need ofcybersecurity, the young forward-thinking pCloud team has set his foot on therapidly growing IT market with the mission to provide the world with a cloudstorage solution that works seamlessly for both individuals and businesses.

Along with its smart file securitymeasurements and variety of file management options, the company has alsopioneered the industry with its Lifetime plan,which is an innovative price model that gives users the opportunity to get alifelong account with just one payment.

For its short history, the cloudstorage provider has already managed to establish itself among the top 5 cloudstorage solutions on the market.

pClouders residing in Asia haveeven more reasons to be excited about pCloud these days. The cloud storage providerhas just announced its special SinglesDays offer.

From November 9th to 12th, userswill have the chance to receive a 500GB or 2TBLifetime storage with 75%discount

During the last 12 months, theambitious team at pCloud has continued to develop its product by releasing newfeatures.

pCloud users now have the word when it comes to the location of their data

All pCloud users will be able tochoose the server location where their files are stored. This will give usersgreater control over the security of their files. Once the choice of where tostore the data is made during registration - in the US or Europe - it ispractically impossible to transfer them without the user's knowledge orpermission.

With this latest news, pCloud strengthens its position as one of the mostsecure cloud storage services on the market.

About pCloud

pCloud is one of the most advancedand easy-to-use cloud storage on the market. Founded six years ago by a groupof IT specialists and entrepreneurs, the company provides innovative, fast andsecure cloud storage for individuals and businesses. Today, the service is oneof the top 5 cloud storage services and is in competition with top providerssuch as Google, Dropbox and Amazon. With unique features such as pCloud Drive,branded download links, upload links, and synchronizing multiple folders,pCloud delivers unmatched versatility, security, and sharing capabilities. WithpCloud Drive, files can be completely stored in the cloud, freeing up localhard drive space. This also improves the upload and download speed of files ofany size that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. pCloud is the first cloudstorage provider to offer both encrypted and unencrypted folders within thesame account. With pCloud's unique client-side encryption functionality users'files are safely hidden from any unauthorized access.

pCloud is available on the App Store, Google Play, andwww.pcloud.com.