The committee of the first Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum established as a warm-up

September 28, 2020 - 02:23
The committee of the first Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum established as a warm-up

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 28 September 2020 - Taiwan's First Harmony & Synergy & World Peace InternationalForum was scheduled to be held in 2020, but it could not be held as scheduledbecause of COVID-19. Chairman William Liu, theorganizer of "Long Hsiung EconomicDevelopment Foundation", specially convened all elites to formallyestablish the Harmony & Synergy & World Peace Committee in Taipei onSeptember 19th to prepare for the first "Harmony & Synergy & WorldPeace Forum" in Taiwan next year.

Left:Taiwan's first "Harmony & Synergy CultureWorld Peace Forum" specially gathered elites from various fields, andformally established the Harmony & Synergy Culture World Peace Committee inTaipei on September 19th to warm up for next year's activities.

Right:William Liu, chairman of the Long Hsiung EconomicDevelopment Foundation, the organizer of the first "Harmony & SynergyCulture World Peace Forum" in Taiwan, said that Taiwan has never beenabsent from international public welfare activities.

Taiwan has never been absent or left behind in international publicwelfare activities, and friends all over the world are full of praise forTaiwan's global reputation. William Liu, founder ofLong Hsiung Economic Development Foundation, said that he is a philanthropistwith an absolute sense of mission. He has led his team to tour the world formany years to participate in international cultural activities and helpintegrate various resources. Whether it is economic cooperation or publicwelfare undertakings, the foundation has successfully built a bridge offriendship between Taiwan and the international community, making Taiwan trulyglobal.


The establishment spirit of Long Hsiung Economic Development Foundation;It hopes to convey the peace declaration to the worldthrough the establishment of the "Harmony & Synergy & World PeaceCommittee" and respond to the foundation's co-creation, sharing, win-winand overall distribution system. It advocates synergy, harmony, peace, humanrights, humanity and the purpose of Harmony & Synergy & World Peace Committee.In the first forum, the Millennium Gall Wood Panda and the Harmony &Synergy & World Culture Panda, the Smiling Panda, are used to promote thebrand of peaceful culture diplomacy.


In September this year, the foundation planned to invite organizationsfrom 10 countries, such as the chamber of commerce, NGO, which has cooperatedwith the foundation, to come to Taiwan to hold the first Harmony & Synergy& World Peace International Forum. Due to the serious COVID-19, this forumcould not be held as scheduled. William Liu said that the "Long HsiungEconomic Development Foundation" will hold the "First Harmony &Synergy & World Peace International Forum" at the Taipei InternationalConvention Center (TICC) when the pandemic eases next year, and present awardsfocusing on "peace" to groups of charitable heroes from all over theworld. "This event is not only an exchange event for international publicwelfare undertakings, but also a family banquet for global philanthropists.Everyone gets together to encourage each other for their intentions.


William Liu was awarded the 26th Special Award for Culture and Economyat the 2019 Asian Cultural and Economic Revitalization Awards Ceremony. Beforethat, he also won numerous honors, and William Liu was pleased to say thatsince the foundation was established, he has done so many things that he can'tremember exactly. As for the future, he will continue to push forward and helpmore people and fulfill their dreams.


It is expected that the first Harmony & Synergy & World PeaceInternational Forum will be postponed to 2021, and the venue will be located atthe Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). On the day of the event, anexchange dinner of international standards will be arranged to share the honorand friendship of the host.