Gingko House Gives Hong Kongers A Reason to #ShareASmile

September 27, 2020 - 11:13
Gingko House Gives Hong Kongers A Reason to #ShareASmile

10,000 “Smiley Meal Boxes” Shared with the Needy


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 27 September 2020 - Over the last 10 days, Gingko House and the Hong Kong Federation ofYouth (HKFYG) have joined forces to drive the #ShareASmile campaign, invitingpeople of all generations to #ShareASmile through their face masks, byvirtually drawing or placing funny or cute smiles on top their selfies. Theseselfies were shared on social media with the #ShareASmile hashtag, to spreadhappiness and kindness across Hong Kong. Together with the campaign, GingkoHouse and HKFYG have also been distributing "Smiley Meal Boxes" from fiveGingko House restaurants located across the city over 10 consecutive days. Atotal of 10,000 meal boxes, courtesy of Hong Kong Community Foundation, weredistributed to those in need. "We are pleased to support this meaningfulinitiative, by spreading kindness through sharing a smile, as well as providingsupports to our community with Smiley Meal Boxes. We look forward to seeingHong Kong smile again," according to Hong Kong Community Foundation.


The campaign gained support frompublic figures, online key opinion leaders, companies and organisations bycalling for more participation from the public. Some generous individualsstepped forward and sponsored food products and supplements, fruits, andpersonal protection equipment (PPEs) such as face masks. The campaign endstoday. However, Gingko House hopes that Hong Kongers will continue to#ShareASmile, show more care for the community, and rise above the gloombrought about by the pandemic.