Trend Micro Achieves AWS Outposts Ready Designation to Deliver Seamless Hybrid Cloud Security

September 16, 2020 - 07:54
Trend Micro Achieves AWS Outposts Ready Designation to Deliver Seamless Hybrid Cloud Security

Data protection for financial services and governments with data residency requirements


HONGKONG, CHINA - Media OutReach -16 September 2020 - Trend MicroIncorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704),the leaderin cloud security, todayannounced that its hybrid cloud security offerings have received the AWSOutposts Ready designation, part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service ReadyProgram. This designation recognizes that Trend Micro has demonstrated successfulintegration with AWS Outposts deployments.

AWS Outposts is a fully managedservice that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools tovirtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility. Teamsusing Trend Micro for their hybrid cloud security benefit from a trulyconsistent hybrid experience that combines the agility, breadth of services,and pace of innovation of AWS with seamless security protection across anenterprise infrastructure.

Achieving the AWS Outposts Readydesignation differentiates Trend Micro as an AWS Partner Network (APN) memberwith products fully tested on AWS Outposts.

"We know the importance of helpingcustomers and organizations more easily identify potential security risks inorder to take action," said Joshua Burgin, General Manager, AWS Outposts,Amazon Web Services, Inc. "With Trend Micro's products available to customerson AWS Outposts, we are able to provide a comprehensive view of (a customer's)security posture on their infrastructure, on AWS Outposts, and in AWS Regionsboth on premises and in the cloud for a truly consistent hybrid experience."

AWS Outposts allow organizations thatmust keep their data on-premise to do so with the benefits of AWSinfrastructure and services. The availability of Trend Micro protection for AWSOutposts allows verticals such as government and financial services to furthertheir digital transformation securely, while maintaining any data residencyrequirements.

According to a recent report from IDC,"Trend Micro is the dominant leader in Software-Defined Compute (SDC)workload protection,[1]" making up 29.5% of the worldwidehybrid cloud workload security market share, proving the company's strength inhybrid cloud security.

"We have proven industry leadershipfor cloud workloads, and we have been a member of the AWS Partner Network since2012, making Trend Micro an obvious choice for companies throughout theirjourney to the cloud," said Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of cloud researchfor Trend Micro. "Now with AWS Outposts, we offer full data security continuityto support customers adopting the cloud technology that best fits theirbusiness needs."

AWS Outposts Ready products aregenerally available and supported for AWS customers, with clear deploymentdocumentation for AWS Outposts. AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstratedsuccess building products integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customersevaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and varying levels ofcomplexity.

To support theseamless integration and deployment of AWS Outposts ready solutions, AWS establishedthe AWS Outposts ReadyProgram to help customers identify products integrated with AWSOutposts and spend less time evaluating new tools, and more time scaling theiruse of products that are integrated with AWS Outposts deployments.

To learn moreabout how AWS and Trend Micro Cloud One work together, please visit:

[1] IDC, Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Workload Security MarketShares, 2019: Vendor Growth Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, Doc #US46398420,June 2020

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