SOOCAS S3 Electric Shaver Hits US Market with Infinity Floating Tech

August 03, 2020 - 02:20
SOOCAS S3 Electric Shaver Hits US Market with Infinity Floating Tech

SHENZHEN, CHINA - Media OutReach - 3 August 2020 - China's SOOCAS, a personal care appliance startup based in Shenzhen, has launched its first electric shaver S3 in the US market, following a big success in its domestic market. The product is featured by its IFT (Infinity Floating Technology), one of the most innovative technology in the personal care area.

SOOCAS S3 is the first electric shaver to use automotive suspension technology, or IFT (Infinity Floating Technology), enabling the blade head to be more flexible and rotate 360 degrees horizontally, even up and down. Thereby, the blade head meets most people's needs even though their face shapes differ, and it sure to provide more comfortable shaving.


The blade head can adapt to different angles and forces, which is excellent for different face contours and enjoyment after thorough shaving. In addition, it is very convenient to dismantle the blade head, just by pressing the buckle at the front, then, you'll be able to clean it.


SOOCAS is always dedicated to design simple, crisp, and practical products. As electric shaver is for men, S3 has something different. It denotes the masculinity: mature and solemn.


The overall appearance is simple. The black handle of the main body has a delicate matte and skin-friendly surface, whereas, it easy to retain grease and dust. On the upper part of the handle in light gold is a power button position that extends to the top. The CD texture of the cut surface and the power button is for an enhanced visual experience. The blade also features the contrasting colors, but slightly different from that of the handle. The handle is round, whereas, the blade head looks more distinct with tougher lines.


S3 is the latest of SOOCAS' lines of men's grooming, demonstrating the company's ambition to complete with international big names like Philips, Braun. The company said that it applied dozens of patents in electric shaver. The product will be first available on its Amazon brand store first.


According to a statement from SOOCAS founder Meng Fandi, the company has achieved profitability since its launch and has seen its margin increase over the years. It plans to spend its fresh proceeds on marketing in a race to lure China's increasingly sophisticated young consumers with toothbrushes and its new lines of hair dryers, nosal trimmers and other tools that make you squeaky clean.


SOOCAS positions itself as a personal care fashion brand and provides electronic products for personal care, such as electric toothbrushes, water flossers, shavers, and hairdryers. SOOCAS, with its Chinese name Sushi meaning pure, neat, and elegant persons, aims to help users improve personal image and quality of life. At the same time, SOOCAS also focuses on creating unforgettable user experience, adheres to the product creation principle of "pure, smart, and elegant" all along, and integrates innovative technology with exquisite design, to make you become a better you in product experience.