Sino's Olympian City & pop-up experience platform PopSquare launch "POP Gallery"

June 26, 2020 - 08:13
Sino's Olympian City & pop-up experience platform PopSquare launch "POP Gallery"

First-ever "LEGO® TechnicTM – STEM A.I. concept store" presents an integrated online x offline retail concept on top of promoting STEM education


HONG KONG, CHINA - MediaOutReach - 26 June 2020 - Online shopping is fast becoming a dominant global trend. As a companycommitted to promoting innovation and providing its customers with atop-quality shopping experience, Sino Group is pioneering an integrated onlinex offline retail concept through the "POP Gallery" at Olympian City. Launchedin collaboration with pop-up experience platform PopSquare, POP Gallery displaysa selection of trending products, methodically identified with the aid of bigdata and artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies. Customers can now enjoy aseamless online x offline shopping experience, in which they get to first exploreproducts that are trending online in real life, before buying them online.    


Olympian City teams up with world-renowned toy brand LEGO® on the first project at POP Gallery -- the world's first LEGO® TechnicTM -- STEM A.I. concept store, which showcases LEGO® TechnicTM, identified by A.I. and big data technologies to be the brand's most popular series among global consumers.

Customers can obtain exclusive offers by interacting with the 5 A.I. enabled pop kiosks at the LEGO® TechnicTM -- STEM A.I. concept store @POP Gallery or engage in live games.


On 5 June 2020,POP Gallery officially opened its doors and greeted customers with the first-ever"LEGO®TechnicTM -- STEMA.I.concept store" @POP Gallery.Rolled out with household name LEGO®, the store features LEGO® TechnicTM,top on the worldwide Trend Prediction list. While introducing an industry-leadingretail concept, the store features an array of LEGO® TechnicTMsets and experiential workshops to promote STEM education.


Predicting globaltrends and identifying coveted products with A.I. and big data

To help the Hong Kong public followglobal trends more closely, Olympian City and PopSquare join hands to present anew retail concept at POP Gallery, where A.I. and real-time big data analyticsare applied. Not only can customers experience the most talked-about productsfrom around the world and stay informed of the latest trends like their globalcounterparts, but the "Trend Prediction" function of POP Gallery also analyses onlinebrand data collected from some of the most used social media platforms andonline retail networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram and Amazon) to predictupcoming trends and identify brands and product categories popular among globalconsumers. Eventually, unique, uncommon, hot-off-the-press products are broughtto POP Gallery so that Hong Kong consumers can join hipsters worldwide and stayat the forefront of global trends. 


World's first LEGO®TechnicTM -- STEM A.I. concept store promotes STEM through play

The first brand brought to POP Galleryis world-renowned toy brand LEGO®. Its LEGO® TechnicTMseries, identified by A.I. and big data technologies as the most popular of thebrand's products among global consumers, is on display at the first-ever LEGO®TechnicTM -- STEM A.I. concept store from 5 June to 5 July2020. Customers can try various LEGO® TechnicTM products andenjoy a seamless online x offline shopping experience.

Featuring advanced, life-like models ofdifferent sizes that can be built with individual parts like gearboxes,pneumatic systems and motors, LEGO® TechnicTM is suitablefor both beginners and experienced builders. The series encourages users toacquire STEM skills through play, which corresponds to Olympian City's missionto promote STEM education. To facilitate interaction and further learning ofSTEM knowledge including mechanical movement, LEGO® TechnicTMSTEM workshops will be held at the concept store every Saturday and Sunday whilethe store is open.


Enjoy a newshopping experience at POP Gallery and get exclusive offers

In addition to the workshops, customerscan interact with the 5 A.I. enabled pop-up kiosks at POP Gallery or take partin live games to obtain special offers, such as a 10% discount on LEGO®TechnicTM and selected LEGO® STEM products at Toys"R"Us locatedat Olympian City 3.


Following the collaboration with LEGO®,POP Gallery will continue to glean big data on local and global brands bothonline and offline using A.I., and introduce new products from around the worldto the kiosks. Items to be rolled out in July include green products, practicaldesigns, tasteful, convenient lifestyle products and wholesome games forchildren. After viewing and trying a product in person, customers can scan theQR code at the kiosk to receive a link, through which they can place an orderand arrange for home delivery with their smart devices. They can also inputtheir phone number on the kiosk touchscreen to get the link via SMS.

Details of the activities:

Olympian City POP Gallery: LEGO® TechnicTM -- STEM A.I. concept store


5 June to 5 July 2020

Opening hours

10am to 9pm


Event Hall, G/F, Olympian City 2


2740 4108

LEGO® TechnicTM STEM workshops


Every Saturday and Sunday between 6 June and 5 July 2020

Age requirement

6 years old or above


2pm to 6pm


Event Hall, G/F, Olympian City 2 (at POP Gallery)


Mission 1: Understanding gears and LEGO® TechnicTM

Experiment with LEGO® TechnicTM parts to acquire basic STEM skills and learn how to create a transport vehicle using these parts.


Mission 2: Power Functions

Control a LEGO® TechnicTM vehicle with a remote control via Bluetooth and learn the STEM theories behind remote controls.

About Olympian City

Located at the heart of the "GoldenCircle", Olympian City is a premier shopping destination in West Kowloon. Comprising800,000 square feet of retail space, it is home to more than 280 shops. Theover 40 restaurants serve a wide array of Western and Asian cuisines, with anal fresco setting for diners to savour delicacies from around the globe. Meanwhile,an impressive range of stores from renowned brands in fashion, beauty, sports,healthcare and kids' products are there to meet the needs of customers who arein pursuit of good taste.

In addition to regular events and promotional campaigns, Olympian City engagescustomers with the Olympian Kids programme and S+ REWARDS loyaltyprogramme. It is also the first shopping mall to introduce a STEM lab. The interactivelab, called OC STEM Lab, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities thatcater to the evolving needs of a sophisticated young audience. A wide spectrumof tailored activities and workshops is offered to unleash their potential,widen their horizons and spark their creativity, and engage the community inbuilding a better future through technology.

About PopSquare

PopSquare is a pop-up experienceplatform whose objective is to elevate the customer experience by creating anunmanned, stress-free product experience through A.I. technologies. Striving topromote a new retail concept, PopSquare uses big data technologies to sourcetrending products from across the world. 5G technology is used for video calls sothat designers and innovators can easily set up and run their popupstores simultaneously across different locations. By taking advantage of thelatest big data, computer vision, sensor fusion and machine learningtechnologies, PopSquare helps to save up to 90% of effort and time than before.By connecting online and offline systems, complemented by interactive games,PopSquare makes it possible to "experience first, buy after" and wait for deliveryin the comfort of one's home. In the future, PopSquare will continue to innovateand provide PopSquare kiosks to brands around the world and help them presentthe latest products to their customers.

About LEGO®

LEGO® was founded by Ole KirkKristiansen, an outstanding carpenter. In 1932, he began to produce and selltoys in Billund, Denmark, precipitating the birth of LEGO®.Kristiansen and his son had been keen to systemise play and develop toys withunlimited possibilities that would allow children to unleash their creativityand imagination. In the 1950s, the plastic LEGO® brick finally cameinto light, and the motto "only the best is good enough" togetherwith the mission "build the builders of tomorrow" became the guiding lights ofthe company. LEGO® took the world by storm and since then has beenproviding toys, memories and learning materials to children in over 130countries.  


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