The Club Token: Global Luxury Club Membership Launches

April 08, 2020 - 07:33
The Club Token: Global Luxury Club Membership Launches

Revel in the high life across resorts in 6 countries


  • Work like the rich -- let your money work for you while you truly live life
  • Fly in private jets; stay in luxury resorts; dine like royalty and be chauffeured in a Rolls Royce with The Club Token membership

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLAND, UK - Media OutReach - April 8, 2020 - The Club Token is the world's first luxury membership that offers its members the high life across 11 gaming resorts in 6 countries.

Members enjoy luxurious privileges as they are enveloped in a lifestyle like the rich and famous. The Club Token (TCT) is an innovative membership that rewards every member in digital assets that provide immediate utility whether they want to play online or at all clubs and resorts across various destinations.

TCT's benefits are accessible via a mobile application that allows members to invest, earn rewards, book resorts, play in our gaming lounge and arrange for transfers anytime they fancy. This mobile application is available on both Android and IOS platforms today.


With the official launch of the TCT mobile application today, anyone can now sign up as a member. They have 30 days as a free member to understand the benefits and rewards they want to earn before finally committing to what suits them best.

Upon registration, members earn their rewards as club tokens and credit which serve as a utility currency fully interoperable across markets. Members can dispense with carrying funds across borders this way as TCT facilitates spending in all its resorts.


The founder and CEO of TCT, Henry Shterenberg, worked with several casinos eventually forming a consortium to offer a range of benefits and support a global membership program with a focus on the luxury life, benefits and privileges. Mr. Shterenberg is the President of The World Trade Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine. He was Chairman of international think-tank Horasis Ukraine in 2018 and is an entrepreneur and advisor on the international and blockchain economy.

"I wanted a membership where members felt like VIPs and would be cossetted and pampered no matter where they went," said Mr. Shterenberg. "We have started with just 11 resorts although there were 25 that wanted to be a part of our very unique program. We cannot wait to add more resorts and lifestyle benefits that cover every continent."

There are 3 core membership tiers in TCT -- Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Members get a variety of perks spread across 6 categories -- Travel, Stay, Dining, Shopping, Entertainment and Games. The final category offers gaming credit in our partner resorts and online casino.

The most unique aspect is that all members will receive rewards that earn them double what they purchased. This membership purchase is fully backed by our resorts so members can earn their rewards with peace of mind. It is an incredible offer from our gaming resorts as it is a unique way to grow its membership ranks in a short span of time. Members earn their rewards over 20 months, thus giving them time to visit just one or all 11 resorts. There is also an accelerated scheme that allows them to earn all their rewards in just 10 months if they assist in growing the club's membership.


Our resorts are always rewarding loyalty.

There are two highly exclusive tiers -- Solitaire and Board -- where memberships will only be extended by private invitation only. With a limited quota of only 50 members for Solitaire and 10 members for Board, members can expect extraordinary benefits that befit its exclusivity. TCT targets 1 million members in 12 months which further emphasises the exclusivity of these topmost tiers.


"We've created a truly global membership that reaches new heights. It is also the first membership that pays you for your loyalty and can be enjoyed both online and on site at a range of resorts." -- Henry Shterenberg, CEO of The Club Token.

TCT resorts are in Philippines, Macau, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. There are plans to open resorts in India, Europe, Latin America and other parts of Asia but these will come online over the next 12 months. Sadly, the world is in lockdown as it deals with a devastating global pandemic. TCT is fully aware that these privileges will see actual on site usage only after countries open their borders and allow regular travel to happen again.

Mr. Johny Perera, Vice President of Marketing at Bally's Casino, Sri Lanka's largest casino says, "we look forward to welcoming TCT members when we open our doors again. We love showcasing the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality and the beauty of our country and cuisine."


Members that visit TCT resorts really must also take advantage of the VIP treatment that allows them to travel and dine in absolute style within the countries that they are visiting.


This collaboration with partners ensures seamless interoperability and strengthens the demand and thus the value of TCT. The distribution of our utility token through blockchain ledgers adds tremendous value to the token and ensures easy acceptance and enormous consumption.

Millions of dollars is expected to be utilized through TCT each month. Members need not worry about safety or stability issues such as fraudulent activities and unsecured transactions.

The Club Token aims to bring the Live | Play | Earn lifestyle to all its members by providing superior entertainment value, smooth experiences, exceptional benefits and rewards.

The TCT Wallet

TCT Application is a fully secure wallet that builds trust with transparency and accountability. Here are some of the host of features the secure the foundation of the app:

  • Client-side secure private key storage and management;
  • Auto denial to same address twice check;
  • Transaction history with dynamic filters;
  • Multi-signature;
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Support (250+ tokens);
  • Loyalty Point Support;
  • Separated Business/Identity Management;
  • Smart QR scanner;
  • Staking Model;
  • Password Protection;
  • Bio-Authentication Protection;
  • 2-Factor Authentication;
  • Timed Logout;
  • Affiliate Program;
  • Secure Wallet;
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Onboarding/KYC;
  • OTC;
  • Token Listing;
  • Full Messaging Integration e.g. WhatsApp; and
  • News API.

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The Club Token is built on a cryptocurrency platform and aims to be aleading gaming, entertainment and hospitality company by providing superiorentertainment value, smooth experiences and exceptional benefits to itsmembers. It boasts secure online and offline gaming, global interoperabilityand luxury VIP benefits.