World's first Entrepreneur Token (E3T) to list on

October 25, 2019 - 10:03
World's first Entrepreneur Token (E3T) to list on

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 25 October 2019 - Globalcryptocurrency platform has been selected by E3, a Malaysianentrepreneur development organisation to conduct an initial exchange offeringof the world's first Entrepreneur Token E3T (E3 Token). E3 aims to build theworld's largest digital ecosystem for global entrepreneurs powered by E3T. E3Tis a utility token and acts as a medium exchange among E3 members within aclosedloop entrepreneur ecosystem.


"We envision a future of leveraging on blockchain technology to develop amedium of exchange that can be used globally among entrepreneurs. We believe byyear 2030, more than 1% of a country's GDP where E3 has its presence willutilise E3T as the utility token of choice. We want to bridge the disparity byhaving our own medium of exchange with a value that is parity betweenentrepreneurs in different countries. We will pave the way to tap into the vastpotential of blockchain and connect entrepreneurs via the E3 Platform", saidAndrew Wong, Founder of E3.


Among the utilisation of E3T includes, butnot limited:

a.     To serve asa medium of exchange within E3 Platform

b.     To power upE3 Global Marketplace

c.      To be usedextensively in the sharing economy

d.     To fundentrepreneurial projects under the equity funding platform

e.     Tofacilitate cross border money payment and transfers

f.       To be themode of payment to attend activities organised by E3 Academy

g.     To fund thedevelopment of E3 DApps and E3 Blockchain Incubator

h.     To createan E3T Tokenized Asset Trading platform

i.       To build anE3T Multifunctional Wallet


The IEO of E3T is strictly limited to ahardcap of 4,000,000 E3T valued at 0.03USDT (1 USDT = US$1). The IEO iscurrently underway on DCoin Exchangeand is set to run until October 26th, 2019 before listing on DCoin Exchange onOctober 28th, 2019.


Visit DCoin Exchange to participatein the IEO or learn more about E3T



E3 is an entrepreneur development organisationand the operator of E3 Entrepreneur Hubs around South East Asia region. E3 isthe acronym of "Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs" and is theoperator of the world's largest Digital Economy Platform. E3 aspires to build1000 Entrepreneur Hubs globally and empowers more than 500,000 entrepreneurs,mentors, trainers and investors.