Megan's Kitchen 2019 Fall & Winter New Release: Homey & Healthy yet Tasteful Meal in a Pot

October 03, 2019 - 08:36
Megan's Kitchen 2019 Fall & Winter New Release: Homey & Healthy yet Tasteful Meal in a Pot

Recommended by Michelin Guide for 8 Years in a Row


HONG KONG, CHINA Media OutReach - 3 October 2019 - Megan'sKitchen presents delicious yet wholesome hot pot with an intimate homey tastethis season. Some of these new comfort delicacies are made with Superfood,trendy meat alternatives Beyond meat and Omnipork, Foodies obsessed withmeticulously designed healthy fare will be delighted!


Megan's Kitchen has refurbished the wholedouble storey venue in recent years. A number of spacious VIP suites on theupper floor. The open dining area in the lower floor include VIP rooms andprivate booths with sliding screens so that diners can enjoy to the fullest at amore comfortable and private setting.

Heart Warming Beetroot Borscht

$228 (personal pot $98)

This combines a dazzling array of fresh vegetables:superfood beetroot, carrots, celery, onions, green cabbage, garlic, along withpork ribs and bay leaves, simmer for 2 hours to create a zesty and flavorfulsoup. These colorful ingredients provide plenty of vitamins, minerals andhealth-protective antioxidants that help to keep you nourished and healthy.


Pork Dumplings with Spring Beans & Preserved Olives

$108 (10pcs)

Sauteed minced pork with spring beans & preserved olivesis a popular homey & comfort dish that everyone likes. Crunchy beans arelow in calories and high in fiber content. Serving this in form of dumplingsmake it another hard to resist delicacy!


Beef Dumplings with Kale & Garlic

$108 (10pcs)

Not to mention super healthy greens, kale is loaded with allsorts of good for you nutritional compounds. Beef, kale and garlic make aperfect mix of taste, aroma and flavor. Enjoying this healthful dumpling is ayummy way to get you feel great!


Soybean Sprout &Leek Pork Balls

$88 (10pcs)

Soybean sprout provides a variety of essential bioactivecompounds that help to boost eye health, bone health and more. Its appealing,distinctive flavor and crisp texture together with hand beaten pork and leekmakes a wonderful meatball to savor.


Vegetarian - Beyond Meat Vegetarian Beef Dumplings withCarrots & Olives

$128 (10pcs)

Made with Beyond Meat, the first plant-based groundmeat with no soy, no gluten, no cholesterol but satisfies like beef. Thecombination of these healthy and tasty ingredients: beef, carrot and olive,creates a succulent and mouthwatering dumpling that you can't miss.

Vegetarian - OmniporkVegetarian Pork Dumplings with Straw Mushrooms & Pickled Mustard Stem

$108 (10pcs)

A mix of modern andtraditional ingredients, this savory dumpling brings you a taste of homecomfort. Made with Omnipork,100% plant-based superfood, with much lower saturated fat and calories than real pork, while offering muchhigher fiber, calcium and iron. Pickled mustard stem is commonly used for manygenerations in different ways, from noodles to steamed and stir-fries.


Vegetarian - Beyond MeatVegetarian Beef Balls with Black Truffles & Mushrooms

$128 (10pcs)

Beyond Meat notonly deliver meaty texture and juiciness of ground beef, but also the versatilityof cooking. The combination with fragrant black truffle paste and freshmushroom creates a real hot pot delicacy for vegan lovers.


Vegetarian - Omnipork Vegetarian Pork Balls withWatercress & Fresh Chinese Yam

$98 (10pcs)

Watercress soupwith pork is a staple for most Chinese households. Omnipork ball with thisfamiliar flavor together with the rich in essential nutrients, fresh Chineseyam, creates a deliciously memorable hot pot treat.

About Megan's Kitchen

Recommended by Michelin Guide for 8consecutive years, Megan's Kitchen, is one of the favorite restaurants for manylocal and foreign customers alike, include a number of celebrities andsocialites. Megan's Kitchen has refurbished the whole double storey venue inrecent years. A number of spacious VIP suites on the upper floor can cater atable for 8 to 16 guests or two tables for 15 guests each. Some of these tablesare pre-installed with personal hot pot induction cooker. The open dining areain the lower floor include VIP rooms and private booths with sliding screens sothat diners can enjoy to the fullest at a more comfortable and private setting.


Renowned for innovative hot pot made with the freshest and homemadeingredients, Tomato & Crab Soup in Souffle Finish and Tom Yum KoongCappuccino are two of the signature soup bases at Megan's Kitchen. Guests wholike the communal dining experiences can choose dual or trio soup base in onebig pot. For those who prefer personal hot pot can likewise enjoy dual soupbase.


Besides fresh-from-the-tank seafood and the mostvariety of beef and black pork from local and from USA, Japan, Australia,Canada as well as Spain, a dazzling range of creative signature meat balls andhomemade dumplings are dishes that can undoubtedly flatter your taste buds.


Also on offer anextensive selection of wines and spirits from all over the world.  A dazzling range of champagne from at least15 world-famous makers, red and white wines from France, USA and Australia,Japanese plum wine, sake, whisky, cognac, spirits, Chinese hua diao wine andmaotai, etc can surely satisfy all senses of wines and spirits lovers.


Free flow winesis available nightly at Megan's Kitchen. Patrons can enjoy all-you-can-drinkFrench red, white and sparkling wines as well as sake for 2 hours at only $188per person!


5/F Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong

Reservation No:

2866 8305

Business Hour:

12:00- 15:00;18:00 -- 23:30


Lunch $60-$150

Dinner $200-$400


Wan Chai MTR station exit A3; Valet parking available






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