Spackman Entertainment Group’s New Film, CRAZY ROMANCE, Produced By Zip Cinema, Opens #2 At The Korean Box Office, After The US Film JOKER, On The First Day Of Release

October 02, 2019 - 17:40
Spackman Entertainment Group’s New Film, CRAZY ROMANCE, Produced By Zip Cinema, Opens #2 At The Korean Box Office, After The US Film JOKER, On The First Day Of Release

  • CRAZY ROMANCE, a romantic comedy film produced by the Group's indirectwholly-owned subsidiary, Zip Cinema, opened at the Korean box office on thefirst day of its wide release with total ticket admissions of 154,033
  • Released on 1,006 screens, CRAZYROMANCE grossed US$1.0 million in box office revenue, representing a marketshare of 22.7%, on the first day of its wide release in Korea
  • The film, which stars well-known actor, Kim Rae-won of DOCTORS(2016), and popular actress, Gong Hyo-jin of DON'T DARE TO DREAM (2016),is presented and distributed by Next Entertainment World

SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 3 October 2019 - Spackman Entertainment GroupLimited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" andtogether with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), wishes to announce that theGroup's new film, CRAZY ROMANCE, a romantic comedy film produced by theGroup's indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Zip Cinema Co., Ltd. ("Zip Cinema"),opened #2 at the Korean box office, after the US film JOKER, on thefirst day of its wide release on 2 October 2019.


According to the lateststatistics from the Korean Film Council, CRAZY ROMANCE recorded totalticket admissions of 154,033 with gross box office revenue of US$1.0 million asof 2 October 2019. The film, which was released on 1,006 screens, captured 22.7%of the nation's market share of the box office revenue for that day.


The latest daily statistics fromthe Korean Film Council ( on the performance of CRAZYROMANCE shall be updated on the Group's website at


CRAZY ROMANCE relates the story of a man whois still in love with his ex-girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend who is currentlyis in the middle of a rough parting with her current boyfriend. The three ofthem are wounded by love.


Headlined by veteran actor, KimRae-won of DOCTORS (2016), and popular actress, Gong Hyo-jin of DON'TDARE TO DREAM (2016), CRAZY ROMANCE is the first commercial film ofKim Han-gyeol and marks 16 years since Kim Rae-won and Gong Hyo-jin last collaboratedin the classic Korean drama SNOWMAN.


Directed by independent filmdirector Kim Han-gyeol, the romantic comedy film is presented and distributedby Next Entertainment World Co., Ltd.


The estimated total productionbudget (including prints and advertising costs) for CRAZY ROMANCE istentatively set at approximately KRW6.7 billion (or US$6.0million).


The official English trailer,posters and photo stills for CRAZY ROMANCE can be viewed at  

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