Ruckus Networks Eases Hotel Fiber Deployments While Enabling New IoT Solutions

June, 19/2019 - 08:06
Ruckus Networks Eases Hotel Fiber Deployments While Enabling New IoT Solutions

Expands portfolio to include fiber-to-the-room, and IoT partnerships to deliver applications for hotel safety, operational efficiency and enhanced guest experience


SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 20 June 2019 - RuckusNetworks (now partof CommScope via acquisition) today announced an expandedhospitality connectivity portfolio to include the ICX 7150-24F fiber switch, ICX 7150-C08 compact switch and Fiber Backpack, which supports the H510 access point (AP). The new products add fiber supportto existing offerings for hospitality and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) customers.Together with CommScope's structured cabling products, the company can now offercustomers an end-to-end solution. Ruckus is also announcing the addition of newInternet of Things (IoT) partners to its ecosystem to better address hospitalitybusiness priorities, including improving operational efficiency, enhancingguest services, and increasing guest and staff safety.

Hotelproperties come in many sizes--from single stand-alone buildings to largeresorts spread across acres. The new Fiber Backpack allows for directintegration of Ruckus H510 in-room access points onto the fiber backbone for aclean, secure installation leveraging the scale, speed and efficiency offiber-to-the-room architecture. The new product can utilize a wide range ofinteroperable fiber transceivers with support for single- or multi-mode, enabledby the portfolio of Ruckus ICX fiber switches, of which the Ruckus ICX 7150-24Fis the latest addition.

Hotels are alsolooking to vendors to deliver network solutions that support multipleapplications, reduce costs, improve reliability and protect investments. To meetthese requirements, Ruckus is partnering with IoT ecosystem vendors such as ASSAABLOY Global Solutions,AVSystem,, Qubercomm, Telkonet and TraknProtect to empower hoteliers to support thelatest IoT use cases on a unified network infrastructure including connectedentry, safety buttons, asset, room tray and vendor tracking, energy management,online thermostats and location-based advertising. These vendor solutions areintegrated into the Ruckus IoT Suite, enabling a common IoT dashboard andsophisticated rules-engine functionality that allows sensor alerts to triggeractions by other devices.

"Inthe global hospitality industry, interoperability between multiple applicationsand vendors is key to helping hotels plan for the future, where higher guestand operations bandwidth consumption present real challenges for existing hotelnetworks," said Larry Birnbaum, vice president of Global Hospitality and MDU,Ruckus Networks. "In addition, our customers and partners see the great valueour fiber solutions offer, and it enables us to deliver a faster, richer hotelnetwork while providing flexibility to support the many functions required byhotel operations."

About the Ruckus Fiber Backpack

The Ruckus Fiber Backpack is a purpose-built,field-installable, fiber-to-Ethernet media converter accessory that provides a pluggablefiber interface for industry-leading Ruckus H510 wall-mounted APs. It also provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) forthe associated H510 AP and supports both passive optical networking (PON) andActive Ethernet SFP modules. When paired with Ruckus fiber switches, such asthe ICX 7150-24F, the Fiber Backpack enables network designers to easilydeploy, standardize and cost-optimize end-to-end fiber solutions.

About the ICX 7150-24F and ICX 7150-C08P Switches

The Ruckus ICX 7150-24F is an entry-level, 24xSFPenterprise switch with four 10GbE SFP+ ports for uplinks and stacking. The fiberswitch can be stacked up to 12 units with other members of the ICX 7150 family.The ICX 7150-C08P is an 8-port 10/100/1000 Mbps compact switch with GbE uplinkports, and full PoE/PoE+ support. The compact switch is fanless, providingsilent operation for use in locations such as hospitality suites and MDUs. Bothswitches are covered by the Ruckus limited lifetime warranty and can be managedby the Ruckus SmartZone Network Controller.

The new products will be available in earlyQ3 2019 through Ruckus channel partners.

About CommScope:

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