Aruba Simplifies Enterprise IoT Adoption with New Automated Security and Next-Gen Wireless Solutions

May 02, 2019 - 09:52
Aruba Simplifies Enterprise IoT Adoption with New Automated Security and Next-Gen Wireless Solutions

New AI-powered ClearPass Device Insight and Expanded Wi-Fi 6 Portfolio Extend Aruba’s Innovations in Security, Connectivity and Analytics


HONGKOng, CHINA - Media OutReach - May2, 2019 - Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE: HPE), announced two new offerings to help enterprise customerssimplify the adoption of IoT. First, Aruba ClearPassDevice Insight delivers a single pane of glass for devicevisibility employing automated device discovery, machine learning (ML) basedfingerprinting and identification. Additionally, Aruba introduced the Aruba 530and 550Series access points, an extension to the industry's most advanced family of802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) IoT-ready access points. Together, these solutions allowenterprises to remove IoT security and connectivity barriers, while decreasingassociated operational costs and complexities.

When addressing their IoT strategies, organizations globallyare faced with new security and connectivity challenges. There are more than 14million new connected devices being added to the network every day[1].The explosion of these vastly different and unpredictable device types rendersmanual device profiling techniques inadequate and makes automation a keyrequirement for securing IoT. To add to the complexity, many IoT devices areoften connected to disparate overlay networks that typically support only onetype of connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Zigbee.


Kenneth Ma, Director and GeneralManager, Hong Kong and Macau, for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company,said: "Aruba is pleased to introduce these important new products to the APACmarket, which I am confident will be quickly and practically embraced by a widerange of regional organizations. IoT technology will bring about huge industrychanges in years to come -- but only with effective solutions and services canthis potential be properly unlocked. Aruba is here to help."


IoTSecurity Starts with Visibility: AI-powered Device Discovery and Profiling

Aruba's new ClearPass Device Insight uses machinelearning and crowdsourcing to automate the discovery andfingerprinting of all connected devices and IoT devices on any wired or Wi-Finetwork -- regardless of vendor. Advanced technology from Aruba's Data ScienceLaboratory leverages custom-built deep packet inspection (DPI) to createbehavioral profiles that enable precision fingerprinting. ClearPass DeviceInsight's cloud delivery platform leverages shared community learnings toidentify newly-introduced devices. Used with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager andAruba's Dynamic Segmentation security capabilities, IT teams can automateauthentication and policy enforcement down to the device and user level,applying different access policies or rules based on the role designated forthe device. If any device exhibits abnormal behavior, ClearPass canautomatically quarantine or remove it from the network.


According to Gartner, "line of business, operationaltechnology and building automation networks that were historically air-gappedare converging onto the enterprise infrastructure, adding more IoT devices andmore attack opportunities[2]."Aruba's closed-loop approach eliminates blind spots and provides IT teamswith an automated and intelligent security solution for visibility into thismassive volume and variety of devices to the corporate network, often withoutIT oversight. Comprehensive details about each device, including manufacturer,device location, ports and protocols used, application destinations and trafficvolume are all available on ClearPass' single-pane-of-glass management platformfor complete IoT visibility and control.


"Being able to easily identify the growing number of wiredand wireless IoT device types on our network, without interfering withsensitive medical equipment, is critical to our security and compliance goals,"said Kevin Rothstein, Network Engineer, Sharp Healthcare. "We are evaluatingAruba's ClearPass Device Insight to help us discover and fingerprint allconnected devices on a large scale. When integrated with ClearPass PolicyManager, we will have a powerful closed-loop policy enforcement solution downto each device."


IoT Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 APs as aPlatform for IoT

Aruba has also expanded its portfolio of next-generation802.11ax IoT-ready access points to address growing wireless performancerequirements as well as accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions. When organizationsconsolidate multiple networks onto a single, converged infrastructure, IT teamscan reduce complexity and improve return on investment when executing their IoTstrategy. A converged network simplifies IoT onboarding through automatedendpoint discovery and provides a common policy framework for mobile devices,users and things.


Like the 510 Series announced in November 2018, the new 530and 550 Series APs eliminate the need for IoT gateways and the resultingcomplicated network management requirements, allowing IT teams to easilyconnect a diverse set of IoT devices and sensors that utilize differentprotocols. The support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 and Zigbee protocols on the newAPs allow organizations to connect with 74% of today's IoT devices.


"As a leading producer of baked goods for the quick servicerestaurant and C-store industry in the U.S. and 20 countries globally, we havea strong need to simplify connectivity for our growing set of wireless IoTdevices, from inventory sensors to handheld scanners," said Eric Spille,Manager of Technical Services for The Bama Companies. "Aruba's new Wi-Fi 6access points with integrated Bluetooth 5 and Zigbee will provide us with aconverged platform for IoT which could greatly reduce the complexity and costof managing multiple networks and infrastructure appliances."


An added benefit of the 530 and 550 Series AP is that Wi-Fi6 offers improved battery life for battery powered IoT devices. The protocolallows IoT devices to remain inactive until data needs to be transmitted. As aresult, battery powered IoT devices realize a significant power savings,reducing the maintenance windows for IT staff. The efficiency improvements inWi-Fi 6 amount to a faster performing and more efficient infrastructure as wellas an enhanced experience for all the clients on the network.


Pricing and Availability

ClearPass Device Insight will begin initial customershipments in May 2019.

The Aruba 530 and 550 Series AP will be available in May2019.


Channel Partner and Industry AnalystQuotes

"Pervasive enterprise digital transformation efforts aredramatically expanding the attack surface, leading organizations to face even morecybersecurity challenges than ever before," said Bill Buckalew, Vice Presidentof Partner Sales for Optiv. "Technologies such as Aruba's ClearPass DeviceInsight, which automates device discovery and fingerprinting across the entireinfrastructure, are an important component of an inside-out approach, whichstarts with the core requirement of every enterprise -- risk mitigation -- andbuilds out from there with customized strategy, infrastructure rationalizationand operations optimization, ongoing measurement and communication. With arisk-centric foundation in place, enterprises can close vulnerability gaps andrespond to new threats in a proactive, systematic way. We look forward tofurther expanding our partnership and achieving continued significant growthwith Aruba this year and beyond."


"Our customers are struggling to manage huge volumes ofconnected devices, with new devices being added to the network daily," saidWally Alicea, Senior Solutions Architect at Integration Partners. "We see thisin large educational institutions, where they have a large set of student andfaculty devices being combined onto the same infrastructure with buildingsensors and connected educational tools. Aruba's ClearPass Device Insight helpsIT staff manage this device growth in a more secure and compliant way byautomating discovery and profiling and then linking that to a security policythat takes into account every single connected device."




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