Singapore logistics charter and PSB Academy team up to deliver on future-ready supply chain graduates

March 16, 2019 - 01:31
Singapore logistics charter and PSB Academy team up to deliver on future-ready supply chain graduates

SINGAPORE -Media OutReach - 16 March 2019- The Chartered Insititute of Logistics & Transport, Singapore (CILTS) andPSB Academy (PSBA) have collaboratedto launch a Diploma in Global Supply Chain Management for aspiring logisticsand supply chain executives. This partnership marks the first time that thelogistics charter is extending its certification expertise to the diplomastudents of a private education institution.

A/Prof Chin Hoong Chor, Vice Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Singapore, launches the Diploma in Global Supply Chain Management programme with PSB Academy's Dean Dr Sam Choon Yin. This is the charter's first Diploma co-developed with a private education institute in Singapore. 

The diploma programme, which aimsto equip transitioning professionals into the supply chain industry or freshgraduates with relevant skills for the demands of today's logistics hubs, canbe completed within 18 months. The curriculum includes 12 months ofinstitutional and theoretical training and 6 months of vocational workplacement or 3 months of an industry-based project. As part of theinstitutional training, students will be awarded Service Operations Management, Supply Chain Management andBusiness Logistics Management professional certificates from CILTS uponcompletion of the respective modules.

Followingthe launch of the programme, the institutions have signed a memorandum ofunderstanding to allow these diploma students to gain free membership to CILTSas Student Affiliates--which will entitle them to networking opportunities and apathway to gain professional recognition. The launch of this diploma is anothernotch in the education institution's belt of industry co-developed diplomas andinstitutional tie-ups with the likes of cyber security body EC-Council, theInstitute of Public Relations Singapore, Institution of Engineers Singapore,and more--a concept that PSB Academy has strongly advocated in recent years inits bid to train students and mid-careerists with the relevant technicalcompetence, social skills and learning attitudes to stay on the pulse of thechanging workplace.

"This collaboration draws close reference to Singapore'sLogistics Industry Transformation Map that was first adopted in 2016 to upliftthe service and operations excellence in a sector that is the backbone of tradeand commerce.  We are honoured to partnerwith chambers such as CILTS in amplifying efforts to provide a pathway forstudents to become specialists that will secure Singapore's mark as a globallyleading logistics hub, even as the sector's roadmap for the future becomessmarter and more complex. This comes with an intentional nurturing of'do-to-learn' attitudes amongst students, and in offering them inlets to meetwith and learn from the industry's leading professionals," says Dr Sam ChoonYin, Dean and Head of the School of Business and Management at PSB Academy.

"We're proud to beable to play a part in the nation's ongoing productivity movement in the supplychain industry. With the support of education partners like PSB Academy andother institutes of higher learning, CILTS hopes to continue to lead the chargeto encourage the cultivation of deep-learning capabilities among logisticsprofessionals. We believe this commitment to continuous learning willeventually help businesses in Singapore fulfil their ambition as a regionalnode for market expansion, and we are committed to facilitate the careerdevelopment of aspiring transport and logistics professionals," says CILTS Vice Chairman A/Prof Chin Hoong Chor, who is alsoAssociate Head (Academic Matters) for the Department of Civil &Environmental Engineering at NUS.

April and July2019 intakes for PSB Academy's Diploma in Global Supply ChainManagement are now open for application at