New Series of Artesyn CRPS Server Power Supplies Includes Industry’s Highest Power 2.4 kW Model

March 15, 2019 - 02:46
New Series of Artesyn CRPS Server Power Supplies Includes Industry’s Highest Power 2.4 kW Model

HONG KONG,CHINA - Media OutReach - 15March 2019 - At the OpenCompute Summit today, ArtesynEmbedded Technologies announced a new series of powersupplies following the Intel® CommonRedundant Power Supply (CRPS) specification, which includes a 2400 watt model,the highest power available in the industry in this form factor, offering amarket-leading power density of 75 watts per cubic inch (W/in3).


With individual power ratings from550 W up to 2400 W, Artesyn's new CSUseries provides makers of compute,networking and storage infrastructure in enterprise IT, cloud and hyperscaleenvironments with power capacity flexibility. The common form, fit, andfunction for all products in the series future-proofs system designs. Theseries can address a server manufacturer's range from cost-sensitive entrylevel systems to power-hungry, high performance servers with space constraints.The CSU series is housed in a compact 1U high enclosure measuring just 2.89 x7.28 inches (73.5 x 185.0 mm), achieved by using the latest power switchingtechnology and high density component packaging techniques. 

The CSU series generates a mainoutput of 12.2 Vdc for feeding downstream dc-dc converters in systems usingdistributed power architectures. A 12 Vdc standby output can be used for powermanagement or supervisory circuitry. Many of the models in Artesyn's CSU seriesare available with options for input and airflow direction, enabling deploymentin environments from enterprises to traditional data centers, -48 Vdc datacenters, and telecom central offices. The DC input option can also be used topower equipment from battery backup.

Active current sharing helps maximizecost effectiveness by eliminating the need for additional components whenparalleling multiple power supplies for very high current applications. Thesehot-pluggable power supplies support N+1 or N+N redundant architectures, coldredundancy mode, and system power throttling.

All AC-input models in the family arecertified for 80 PLUS® Platinum level efficiency, peaking at 94%, and offer lowtotal harmonic current distortion (iTHD) at light loads (EN61000-3-2).

CSU series power supplies can be remotelyset-up, monitored and controlled using Artesyn's universal PMBus™ graphicaluser interface, which enables users toimplement sophisticated power management schemes with minimal additionalcomponents.

All models offer overcurrent, overvoltage,undervoltage, overtemperature and fan fault protection.

Artesyn will be showcasing the CSU series and other power technologyrelated to the Open Compute Project (OCP) on booth D7 at the San JoseConvention Center on March 14th and 15th.