Thailand’s business community looks toward industrial, digital and technology sectors as investment gains pace: Michael Page

March 15, 2019 - 04:15
Thailand’s business community looks toward industrial, digital and technology sectors as investment gains pace: Michael Page

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach - 12 March 2019 - Global professional recruitmentconsultancy released its Michael Page ThailandEmployment Outlook 2019 highlighting a significant upward trend in hiringwithin robotics and automation.

Kristoffer Paludan,Regional Director at Michael Page Thailand comments, "Thailand 4.0 will continue to have apositive impact on the country and her employment landscape. We foresee aspecific focus on progression with industrial automation, digitalisation,Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)."

With heavy investments in these areas, skilledexperts can look forward to strong career prospects. According to the report,ecommerce companies are experiencing the fastest new headcount growth inThailand currently, often seeking senior professionals with online media,digital and software development experience.

Kristoffer explains,"The drive to attract top talent in digital has sparked a lot of movement inthe market with companies offering attractive compensation packages such as flexiblebenefits tailored to the individual. That includes annual leave, privatemedical and work from home arrangements. To strengthen their career paths, jobseekers pursue exposure to emerging technologies such as Big Data, IoT and backto front-end mobile apps development."

As a result, the talent race in technology willintensify across 2019. The report indicates a 15% increase in the number oftechnology jobs posted in Thailand in the last 12 months. Successful job moverscan expect a premium 20 to 25% salary hike. 

Thai companies and multinationals in theindustrial space are developing succession planning and knowledge transferstrategies by replacing expatriate employees with locals. Thai professionalslooking to step up to management positions will have to boost theircommunications and leadership skills.  

"Thailand's employers need to be aware that thesavvy and well-educated millennial professional is more attracted to theexciting start-ups and newer organisations. More traditional firms will have toeffectively communicate their brand heritage and understand their enthusiasmfor making a swift impact in an organisation to attract the millennial talentpool," Kristoffer advises.

Editor's Notes: Data for the report is derived from our proprietary database capturingjob advertisements and placements mainly through 2018 and other PageGroupstudies. Information is then validated against insights from our leaders' andconsultants' interactions with clients and candidates.

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