Adyen Adopts Oracle Payment Interface to Streamline Payments for Bars and Restaurants

December 13, 2018 - 02:16
Adyen Adopts Oracle Payment Interface to Streamline Payments for Bars and Restaurants

This relationship combines a leading PoSsolution with a single payments platform to simplify payments for merchants andcreate new frictionless experiences


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 13 December 2018 - Adyen, the payments platform of choice for many of theworld's leading companies has built an integration to the Oracle PaymentInterface (OPI), streamlining the process of handling card payments in the foodand beverage sector. Adyen, an existing Gold level member of OraclePartnerNetwork (OPN), has worked with Oracle in the retail sector for a numberof years and this new integration extends the relationship to enable Oracleusers in the food & beverage sector to benefit from the same global paymentplatform.


The relationship enablesbars, restaurants and quick service restaurants (QSR) to use a single paymentsolution across all of their locations, integrated with Oracle's Simphony Pointof Sale (PoS) software. The new service is available in more than 40 countriesacross the EU, US, Australia and Singapore.


Adyen's platform creates a near seamlessexperience for consumers and simplifies the flow of payments. For example, tableservice is enhanced with features that enable staff to retrieve billinformation, split a bill between guests, print itemised receipts, as well asset up custom tipping options directly on card payment terminals. Customersalso have the flexibility to pay with whicheverpayment method suits them -- from cards to alternative payment methods includingAlipay, WeChat Pay or contactless and wallets such as Apple Pay or GooglePay.  

As a cloud solution, Oracle'sSimphony provides food and beverage operators with a centralized solution forsimplified, agile management and control. Every PoS terminal within theenterprise can be updated from a central location - giving merchants complete controlover menus, pricing, and promotions. This enables a consistent guest and brand experience,while reducing the costs of onsite software maintenance and technical support. Centralisationalso enables changes to be planned and tested weeks and months in advance sothat rollouts are smooth and on time.


"From bars, to cafés or quickservice restaurants, customer experience is vital in the hospitality sector" saidRoelant Prins, Chief Commercial Officer, Adyen. "Payment infrastructure isvital to unlocking those interactions that customers demand. By working withOracle, we are providing merchants in the hospitality sector the solutions todeliver the best possible customer experience to suit their individual needs."



Adyen (AMS:ADYEN) is the payments platform of choice for many of the world's leadingcompanies, providing a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly toVisa, Mastercard, and consumers' globally preferred payment methods. Adyendelivers frictionless payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels.With offices across the world, Adyen serves customers including Facebook, Uber,Spotify, Dunkin Donuts, Joe & The Juice and Domino's.


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